Gamefaqs PS2 SSX Tricky Forum
   Where this all started - home to great players.
Gamefaqs Gamecube SSX Tricky Forum
  Probably the best GC Tricky forum out there.
Neoseeker PS2 SSX Tricky Forum
   A steady little forum with a variety of players.
Neoseeker X-Box SSX Tricky Forum
   Kinda slow, but a good forum for X-box players
SSX Tricky Official Site Forums
   Where all the newbies start off - a good little forum.
Official SSX Tricky Site
   The Official EA Tricky Site - great multimedia section.
SSX Tricky Fan Fiction
   The best SSX Tricky Fan Fiction Site on the Net
Nintendo Power SSX Tricky Site
   Exclusive Material for Subscription Members
Gamefaqs SSX Tricky Site
   The Ultimate Tricky FAQ Site
Japanese SSX Tricky Site
   Cool design with an emphasis on Kaori (duh).
Twin Galaxies SSX Tricky Contest
   Set an official World Record in SSX Tricky!
Gamespot SSX Tricky Section
   You need to be a member to get old stuff. SSX Tricky Media Section
   Good place to get past screenshots/movies.
Official X-Box site for SSX Tricky 
   Good little media section with past commercials!
Absolute X-Box SSX Tricky Media
   High Resolution Screenshots included!
SSX Tricky Quiz
   Test your knowledge of SSX Tricky.
Gamebabes - Elise
   I guess there's not much to say about this ;)
Oliver Platt Online - Luther
   The voice of Luther's page