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The Tokyo Megaplex is a course like no other.

It is the only one in the game where you will
go through it three times instead of one.

Since you can take several different paths,
some parts of this walkthrough will tell you
to do different things on each of the three laps.

Make sure that you read all sections before
you go on with this course.

Get ready for the "???"

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Best Tokyo Megaplex Showoff Scores So Far...
(Please Send your BEST SCORES to be posted on this site.)

The BEST SCORES listed below authorize the use of the Mallora Board or again the reset trick using the "SELECT" button. Those BEST SCORES do not have the purpose to elect any SSX Showoff World Champion as the real competition will take place ONLY in "The Hall Of Fame" when the MALLORA CORNER will be open.

Biglou 496305
Grandmort 411285
Ouija 000000
Run5k 000000

The SSX Seven Keys Of Showoff

1) NEVER overlook any of the snowflakes!
Hit as many as you can! Those colorful multipliers are your allies for maximizing BIG points! Pay attention to all Oranges & Reds, those are the essentials KEYS to a high
Showoff score!

2) ALWAYS stay one step ahead of the game!
Crouch, boost and boost again, boost makes you fly higher...and cross checkpoints faster!
Use your time wisely and think "checkpoints," you'll stay ahead of the clock and avoid a dreadful "TIME UP!"

3) GET AIRBORNE PLENTY! ...And with the right foot ahead!
Try not to take off "Goofy-Footed" or you will spin significantly more slowly!
Remember, in SSX, a slower spin means lower points! (Using the "SELECT" trick can save you here, as it will always reset you on the correct foot!)

4) "Play MISTY For Me."
About 90% of the time, during a Showoff run, one will have to think "Figures!"
The Highest Scoring Tricks in the SSX Showoff Mode are the "Misty/Rodeo" Figures...
Therefore, for most of your run, think "Mistys & Rodeos" only!
Take off, spin fast and impress the crowd with a smooth landing...
Also make sure you try these "Misty/Rodeo" tricks on some test runs... As in some cases and depending on the jump a backward flip will "land" better than a forward one.

5) Grab & Tweak!
It's imperative that you master all the SSX "combo grabs" as well as the "one tweak button" and this for each one of your jumps! Think "cycles" as you take off and count your spins! Pull off some mid-air acrobatics, use all 4 grabs, add a "tweak" and try 4 flips!
A "???" figure means BIG points for you, up to 80 to 100k sometimes and getting "up close & personal" with a big "Red" along the way!
Score high indeed and you'll get much glory passing through the Finish Line...

6) Watch your SHADOW my friend, watch your shadow...
Whenever you're about to land, ALWAYS keep an eye on the ground and watch for your shadow approaching... Let go off all those buttons in time...and touch down with class and precision!

7) RELEASE the jump button...where a jump tells you to!
Any time you take off a designated jumping area, learn the timing for the release of your jump button. "Full Edge" (at the top) or "Early On" (at the bottom) actually makes your Boarder jump totally differently! Make sure you let go off the button WHERE a jump intends you to, practice a lot and you'll get the feel...
Eventually you will increase your airtime but also your altitude! Keep all of this in mind and maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the right to apply for a 500k Showoff Membership!

Tokyo Megaplex Showoff Walkthrough

Course Keys

* Make sure that you use different strategies for each of the three laps and so you can score the maximum points.

* Get the ONLY red snowflake of this course on your second lap but be careful not to raise the ramp one more level upward or you will lose the opportunity to get that snowflake on your third and final lap.

The Walkthrough

1) The Big Fan

As you start off your showoff you are headed towards a big fan. What you want to do here is to prewind all the way and make sure you are headed for the middle of the entrance of the big fan. If you hit a corner of the entrance your prewind will be lost and you won't be able to get as many points inside the shaft.
The big fan allows you around nine seconds of air time in which you can pull off about a 20k+ trick. Just do a Misty but don't let go of the directional pad and you should be able to pull off a huge "sick" trick that will be labeled "???".
Don't forget to keep using different grabs on your jump as well.

The Rails

Right after exiting the big fan you will see a lot of rails in front of you. Depending on which direction you jumped in the fan is where you will land. Either on the left of the course, the right, or in the middle. I advise you to not rail slide for the two following reasons:
First off, if you miss your rail slide and end up crashing you will lose about 20k points which could ruin a good run and if especially you are trying to score big!
Secondly, once all the rails end there is a big jump ahead and there are many yellow snowflakes up in the air. It would be much easier to prewind on the snow and pull off another 15k to 20k trick instead of crashing and losing the opportunity.

The Small Fan
(Note that this is one area of the course where you should try to do different things on each of the three laps)

What you want to do on the first lap here is dodge the button that will stop the fan. Just go on the ramp and jump to hit the yellow snowflake. Not only will you hit the snowflake but also because the fan hasn't been shut off you will get much more airtime and score some pretty big points.
On the second lap shut off the fan this time and go on the ramp so you can jump and crash through the fan to hit the orange snowflake inside of the tunnel.
On the third lap I would, as on the first lap, jump again over the fan instead of going inside of the tunnel. If you go inside of it you will miss a few jumps further down the course and therefor lose the extra points. You can also use this third lap if you have failed in one of your attempt on one of the first two laps.

The Jumps After The Small Fan

There is not much of a strategy to this segment of the course. The only advice I could give you is try not to over look those few jumps after making it into the small fan as if you go inside the fan again you will miss this part of the course and miss the extra points.

The Bumpers

On your first lap make sure that you hit both the green and blue buttons on the ground so there will be no "raised" bumpers in your way. Avoid the temptation to jump on or over the bumpers area but instead speed through it and aim for one of the moving ramp so you can jump where the orange snowflakes are. If timed correctly you will hit one of the orange snowflake and get a lot of points.
With some practice you can hit a different snowflake on each lap by jumping off each one of the three different ramps.

The Curved Path

On the beginning of this long curved path you can try to do some tricks but near the end make sure you jump on one of the purple rails at the top. This way you will avoid a harder path below but also you will get some extra points for the rail slide and you will be able to hit one of the yellow snowflake on your way out.

The Two Layers

Next here you will have the choice to jump onto the glass or avoid that jump and head directly inside the giant pinball machine. What you can do here is pull off the jump and get the extra points by landing on the glass and then auto-reset yourself so you will be placed back on the track below and inside the pinball machine.

The Pinball Machine
(Note that this is another area of the course where different strategies should be used and for each of the three different laps.)

First on your first lap hit the pink button to set up the ramp but do not jump off that ramp!
This is very important because that jump leads to the only red snowflake on this course and you will want to get as many points as possible from that jump.
On your second lap you will have now more time to prewind and set up your jump so try to hit the red snowflake then and also try to perform a triple Misty with some multiple grabs so you can get the maximum points. (Be careful not to raise the ramp higher though or you will lose the opportunity to get the red snowflake on your third and final lap!)
On the third and final lap you can use the ramp again if you missed the red snowflake or you can just go on it again and make another big jump to score some more extra points.

The Last Jump

On this last jump there are three snowflakes ahead of you.
One orange in the middle of the track and two yellows, one on each side.
Since you will make this jump a total of three times you should try to hit a different snowflake for each of your three jumps.
I recommend strongly that you aim for the orange snowflake on your first jump so if you miss it you will have two more opportunities to hit it again.

And that is the end of my Walkthrough for Showoff in the Tokyo Megaplex.
This is not a perfect Walkthrough and if you have any other strategies please e-mail them
to me at itbewink@aol.com so I can compare and see which ones are better.
(And please also send any other info to tips@merqurycity.comy Thanks!)

All Information provided by Ouija

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Explode that snowflake!!!

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