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Big Pipe Dream Map
Big Pipe Dream Map

Pipe Dream is the last Showoff venue in SSX!
This massive indoor Showoff chamber
filled with dangerous drops, exposed
plumbing and many colored
snowflakes is every
boarder's dream.

But be careful!

Pipe Dream can be very technically
challenging and its difficulty level is for
Supert Expert Players Only!

Also, as many of the other courses in SSX,
it allows you to choose different paths
throughout your Showoff run.

Welcome To Pipe Dream...

Mac Picture

Best Pipe Dream Showoff Scores So Far...
(Please Send your BEST SCORES to be posted on this site.)

The BEST SCORES listed below authorize the use of the Mallora Board or again
the reset trick using the "SELECT" button. Those BEST SCORES do not have the
purpose to elect any SSX Showoff World Champion as the real competition will
take place ONLY in "The Hall Of Fame" when the MALLORA CORNER section
of this site will be open.

Alhyis 603290
Grandmort 571496
Biglou 000000
Run5k 000000

The SSX Seven Keys Of Showoff
1) NEVER overlook any of the snowflakes!
Hit as many as you can! Those colorful multipliers are your allies for maximizing BIG points! Pay attention to all Oranges & Reds, those are the essentials KEYS to a high Showoff score!

2) ALWAYS stay one step ahead of the game!
Crouch, boost and boost again, boost makes you fly higher...and boost makes you cross checkpoints faster!
Use your time wisely and think "checkpoints," you'll stay ahead of the clock and avoid a dreadful "TIME UP!"

3) GET AIRBORNE PLENTY! ...And with the right foot ahead!
Try not to take off "Goofy-Footed" or you will spin significantly more slowly! Remember, in SSX, a slower spin means lower points! (Using the "SELECT" trick can save you here, as it will always reset you on the correct foot!)

4) Play "MISTY" For Me...
About 90% of the time, during a Showoff run, one will have to think "Figures!" The highest scoring tricks in the SSX Showoff Mode are the "Misty/Rodeo" Figures... Therefore, for most of your run, think "Mistys & Rodeos" only! Take off, spin fast and impress the crowd with a smooth landing... Also make sure you try these "Misty/Rodeo" tricks on some test runs as in some cases and depending on the jump a backward flip will "land" better than a forward one.

5) Grab & Tweak!
It's imperative that you master all the SSX "combo grabs" as well as the "one tweak button" and this for each one of your jumps! Think "cycles" as you take off and count your spins! Pull off some mid-air acrobatics, use all 4 grabs, add a "tweak" and try 4 flips! A "???" figure means BIG points for you, up to 80 to 100k sometimes and getting "up close & personal" with a big "Red" along the way! Score high indeed and you'll get much GLORY crossing the Finish Line...

6) Watch your SHADOW my friend, watch your shadow...
Whenever you're about to land, ALWAYS keep an eye on the ground and watch for your shadow approaching...
Let go off all those buttons in time...and touch down with class and precision!

7) RELEASE the jump button...where a jump tells you to!
Any time you take off a designated jumping area, learn the timing for the release of your jump button. "Full Edge" (at the top) or "Early On" (at the bottom) actually makes your Boarder jump totally differently! Make sure you let go off the button WHERE a jump intends you to, practice a lot and you'll get the feel... Eventually you will increase your airtime BUT also your altitude! Keep all this in mind and then maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the right to apply for a 500k Showoff Membership!

Pipe Dream Showoff Walkthrough

Course Keys

* Coming Up!

* Coming Up!

The Walkthrough

1) Start

At the start, go straight through the middle and down the first hill. Prewind for a big jump through the 3x flake. Total 60K

2) Down The Half-Pipe

Head down one side of the wide halfpipe then cut across with boost and jump through one of the 2x flakes. Total 75K

3) The Drop

Drop down to the bottom as fast as possible and head through the center. DO NOT go after the black and white star and DO NOT take either of the rails that go through the wall.

4) Between The Bowls

When you get to the area with the two bowls and the three rails in between them, drop onto one of the two side rails and prewind a jump while boosting. Launch just before the apex of the rail and sail through the 5x flake. If done right, this jump is worth 75K. If you jump a little late, it's only worth about 60K. Total 150K

5) The Right Icy Path

Once you land, cut hard right and drop into the chute on the right. Boost and prewind for a big launch through the 3x flake and another 60K. Total 210K

6) Red & Pipes

Now cut back to the middle. You can ride the rail on the ridge between sections for some points here.
Drop into the middle and line up for the next red. Launch between the pipes and through the red for another 40K or more. Total 250K

7) High Central Red

Line up for the last red and bost like crazy. Be sure to lean forward as well. Once you're moving as fast as possible, start your prewind. Launch through the 5x flake for huge points. I have landed a 99,780 point jump here. Total 350K

8) Final Quarter Pipe

Now aim for the 3x flake above the final quarter pipe at the finish line. Hit this for another 40K. Total 390K
Once you land, hit reset and you will be placed halfway back up the hill, ready to do another jump on the quarter pipe. You should have lots of time left and you can get about 12K per jump here.

9) Finish Line

When only about 5 seconds are left, cross the finish line. Even if you didn't throw in some extra little jumps on the way, your final score should easily top 500K. My best is just over 600K. Granted, I used the Mallora Board and Mac, but even without the Mallora, 500K is readily easy to achieve with a fully improved Mac on his best available Freestyle board.

And that' it for the Showoff Walkthrough in Pipe Dream...
Ok, if you're trying to do Pipe Dream with someone like Jurgen, you probably won't be able to get 500K, but if you follow my Walkthrough as best as you can you will get gold easily!

Walkthrough Written by Ahlyis

Pipedream Bowls Picture

Pipes, Dreams, Bowls & Snowflakes!

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