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Mesablanca at first seems like
a major racing course
but if you look carefully you'll see a
great showoff course that can give
one of the highest scores in

all of SSX!

With its quick turns and
crazy jumps, Mesa will have
you wishing you were racing
instead of tricking!

Best Mesablanca Showoff Scores
(will open in a new window.)

Mac & Crowd Picture

That's what the crowd wants!

The SSX Seven Keys Of Showoff
1) NEVER overlook any of the snowflakes!
Hit as many as you can! Those colorful multipliers are your allies for maximizing BIG points! Pay attention to all Oranges & Reds, those are the essentials KEYS to a high Showoff score!

2) ALWAYS stay one step ahead of the game!
Crouch, boost and boost again, boost makes you fly higher...and boost makes you cross checkpoints faster!
Use your time wisely and think "checkpoints," you'll stay ahead of the clock and avoid a dreadful "TIME UP!"

3) GET AIRBORNE PLENTY! ...And with the right foot ahead!
Try not to take off "Goofy-Footed" or you will spin significantly more slowly! Remember, in SSX, a slower spin means lower points! (Using the "SELECT" trick can save you here, as it will always reset you on the correct foot!)

4) Play "MISTY" For Me...
About 90% of the time, during a Showoff run, one will have to think "Figures!" The highest scoring tricks in the SSX Showoff Mode are the "Misty/Rodeo" Figures... Therefore, for most of your run, think "Mistys & Rodeos" only! Take off, spin fast and impress the crowd with a smooth landing... Also make sure you try these "Misty/Rodeo" tricks on some test runs as in some cases and depending on the jump a backward flip will "land" better than a forward one.

5) Grab & Tweak!
It's imperative that you master all the SSX "combo grabs" as well as the "one tweak button" and this for each one of your jumps! Think "cycles" as you take off and count your spins! Pull off some mid-air acrobatics, use all 4 grabs, add a "tweak" and try 4 flips! A "???" figure means BIG points for you, up to 80 to 100k sometimes and getting "up close & personal" with a big "Red" along the way! Score high indeed and you'll get much GLORY crossing the Finish Line...

6) Watch your SHADOW my friend, watch your shadow...
Whenever you're about to land, ALWAYS keep an eye on the ground and watch for your shadow approaching...
Let go off all those buttons in time...and touch down with class and precision!

7) RELEASE the jump button...where a jump tells you to!
Any time you take off a designated jumping area, learn the timing for the release of your jump button. "Full Edge" (at the top) or "Early On" (at the bottom) actually makes your Boarder jump totally differently! Make sure you let go off the button WHERE a jump intends you to, practice a lot and you'll get the feel... Eventually you will increase your airtime BUT also your altitude! Keep all this in mind and then maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the right to apply for a 500k Showoff Membership!

Mesablanca Showoff Walkthrough

by BlackDth

* This run is a "best case scenario" run - if you can't reach the final point total, you will still have one kick butt run even if you manage to do half of what it says.

This is the guide for a perfect run of Mesablanca. This course has a staggering showoff ceiling. The guide will describe the absolute limit for each jump, but rounded down to make it at least somewhat realistic, as opposed to frame-perfect grab holds. Basically, if you learn this line, hit all of the 5x's, and do okay on the rest of the course, you should be able to get like 500 or 600k pretty easy. There are a few things that I might later learn how to work into my line (like the 3x after the mineshafts), but for now this is the best possible line.

Starting out, you can do either a 360 or a grab. For the sake of the rider's direction, just do a grab, generally a 3-button one, for 350 points.
After landing, wind up. At the first hill, do a 1 flip, 720 degree Unethical Experimental for 4650 points and then nudge your rider to the right a little bit. You should have orange boost -- start boosting.

Points: +5000
Total: 5000

Wind up for a jump, but don't start holding the shoulder buttons until after you land from the hill with a 2x over it. Jump around the middle of the incline on the red-striped hill. Do a 3 flip, 1440 degree move with an unethical experimental into the 3x for 37000.

Points: +37,000
Total: 42,000

Immediately after landing, turn softly to the left and ride up the side of the hill.
If you land in the pocket of this hill after landing the 3x, your rider wont be able to move. You'll get used to when this happens. Immediately hit select, and you'll either land further down the course, where you'll have to turn more sharply to get up the side hill, or you'll be reset further back, where getting up the side hill will be much easier.
Align yourself with the 2x and wind up. You can bounce off the top of the sign and do a 2 flip, 1080 degree move with an unethical experimental for 16,000 points.

Points: +16,000
Total: 58,000

After you land, take the outside curve and angle back in towards the right side of the path you're in. Do a 1 flip, 720 move with a grab for 4,500 points. Just make sure it's not the one you did for your second move. Align yourself with the tree. Do a 360 onto the tree for 2,180 points. Once on the tree, wind up and do a 1 flip, 720 degree move off into the 3x, for 18,000. Assuming the tree grind is worth about 1,200 points itself, and considering there's a bit of inconsistency with this part, I'm going to round the whole section off at 25,000.

Points: +25,000
Total: 83,000

After landing, edge up over the path on the left, go to the left of the rock, and wind up and boost. You need to aim at the left hump of the jump at the end of this path. It'll take a bit of practice to know when you are aiming it right. Basically you want to ride back onto the path on the left side, sway over to the right, and then swing down and jump off the hump into the 2x. Do a 3 flip, 1800 move here for 30,000 points. If you're lucky, you can bounce off the spotlights and get a ??? trick, but that's a bit unpredictable, even for this guide.

Points: +30,000
Total: 113,000

After landing, head over to the right and get on the steep rail. Preferably you want to get on it straight. Wind up for a moment, then give your rider a bit of boost a short way up, and do a 1 flip, 900 degree move with an unethical experimental for 24,000. The grind is worth like 400 points so that's pretty much negligible. Select out, and you should land on top of the hill, to the left of the rail.

Points: +24,000
Total: 137,000

Here comes one of the wierdest jumps in the course. After you select out, angle straight left (not hard/sharp left), into the curve of the path. You should be going slightly uphill. Now turn straight right (not hard/sharp right) and attempt to make yourself exactly parallel to the rail. Begin winding up and boosting.
I really can't explain how or why this works, or exactly how I do it. But, the idea at this point is for you to slide down the left bump, and then sway from the little incline on the right, near where the rail goes into the ground. Now jump and pray you aimed right.
[[Hitting the 5x and missing the rock is fine and dandy, but it wastes a LoT of time. In the intrests of a normal run, if you hit the 5x and you know you're going to miss the rock, do a 3 flip 1620 move with an unethical experimental, land in switch, and then ride backwards up the hill and stop, so your rider begins riding backwards in normal position. Now wind up and jump into the 2x for 2 fips and about 20,000 points. It's not THAT much less than the perfect route, but you waste a lot of time doing it]]
In the interests of a perfect run though, I restart every time I miss the rock. What you want to do is land on that rail on top of the rock. Again, I can't explain how I aim this sucker, but I land on the rock about 3/5 times now. You can do a 2 flip, 720 move through the 5x and onto that rail for 47,000 points. You probably want to stop the Experimental early so that you can turn your board sideways a bit, to make landing on the rail easier. Now begin winding up, and DO NOT!! boost until right before you jump. A good rule of thumb is to start boosting at the very bottom of the rail, and jump halfway between the bottom and the end. If you boost too much, you WILL hit the rocks. The grind will be worth about 1,000 points. Anyways, do a 3 flip 1440 degree unethical experimental through the 3x and land on the rail in the cavern for 47,000 points. Do a 360 on this rail for 2,100 points and then a 1 flip 720 flip off of it for 5,000 points.

Points: +101,000
Total: 238,000

After landing from the rail, aim yourself to the right a little bit and boost and wind up. Jump off this curve into the 3x with a 2 flip, 1440 uneth exper for 27,000. Select out and go off this jump without boosting. Do a 2 flip, 720 uneth exper for 8,500. Now do a 1 flip 720 uneth exper for 4,500. Head for the checkpoint.

Points: +40,000
Total: 278,000

As you approach the checkpoint, slow down a bit and aim for the blue glass. Wind up and boost through the 2x for a 2 flip, 1440 uneth exper for 19,000. You can do some random flips in here now, generally 6k worth. Just make sure you're doing them downhill; try not to lose speed here.

Points: +25,000
Total: 303,000

Take the split to the right and ride along the right side of the curve. Slow down and angle HARD into the slope on the left. Do a jump off here. If you aimed it right, you'll hit the 2x and can do a 2 flip, 1080 uneth exper, and you will go straight through the wood and land on the rails for 20,000.

Points: +20,000
Total: 323,000

When you land, you might be going uphill or downhill depending on the angle you went in at. Either way, slide off the rail towards the inside of the rails, and then angle straight (not hard) into the rail on the left. Here I usually do 5 360's, for 2,200 each.

Points: +11,000
Total: 334,000

After the 360's, wind up on the rail but don't boost. You should get about 2,000 points from grinding. Do a 2 flip 720 unethexper onto the rail in the upper cavern for 20,000 points. Now wind up again without boosting for around 1,000 points. Go through this 2x with a 2 flip 720 for 20,000.

Points: +43,000
Total: 377,000

After you land, go under the arch and to the right, slightly off-course. Aim for the outer edge of the curve and boost and wind up. Be sure to wind up early. Hit the outer edge of the curve and go through the 3x with a 3 flip 1440 uneth exper for 38,000. Once you get up, boost at the outside of the next curve, then angle hard into the left side of the upcoming curve, and start boosting and winding up. The curve should direct you towards the inside hump of the hill. Jump RIGHT before the apex of the curve and you should get a huge amount of air. Do a 3 flip 1440 uneth exper through here for 43,000.

Points: +81,000
Total: 458,000

You'll land past the forest, into the next area. Turn hard right and go uphill, and do a 2 flip 720 uneth through the 2x for 15,000. Turn hard left and go back into the normal path. Try to re-enter the path inbetween the two 2x's. Turn right, back into the normal path, and angle yourself directly into the curve beneath the last 2x. You can do a 2 flip 720 uneth off of here for 15,000. Turn hard left and head for the checkpoint. Aim for the yellow striped bump on the left, but try to stay aligned parallel to the course. Go through the checkpoint, into the 2x with a 2 flip 720 uneth for 15,000. Since you're doing three of these in a row, make sure you're spinning in different directions so there are no repeats. Maybe use a 3 button grab to be sure.

Points: +45,000
Total: 503,000

After you land, head to the right and aim for the tree. Slow down. Jump onto it and wind up, but not for long. Jump and do a 1 flip 540 through the 3x, without a grab. You should land back onto the tree for 19,000. Select out, and you'll be dropped back onto a curve heading left. Follow the curve, and align yourself parallel to the red lined jump. Don't boost, but hit this 3x with a 2 flip 1440 uneth for 30,000. Go straight and over the red lined hill, then turn left and realign yourself parallel to the next red jump. Wind up and boost, and go through this 5x with a 3 flip 1800 uneth for 70,000. Turn right, go down the slope and into the ditch underneath the 3x, and boost and wind up. Jump when you hit the far edge of the yellow-painted curve, and do a 3 flip 1440 uneth for 37,000. You'll hit the back of the 3x when you jump.

Points: +137,000
Total: 640,000

Hit one of the bumps in this next area and you can easily get an 8k jump off. Now go to the left, and ride up the curve a little bit. Aim for the sign, and jump straight into it and bounce off it, into the 2x. You can do a 2 flip 1080 uneth for 20,000. Now follow this curve and try to do the same thing you did on the last curve 3x -- take it on the outside, then angle in and wind up. You'll get huge air again and can do a 3 flip 1440 uneth for 43,000.

Points: 71,000
Total: 750,000

Now align yourself with the path, but wind up and boost straight into the yellow-painted curve. Jump off it, and you can do a big 2 flip 1080 uneth for 10,000. If you land past the checkpoint, in the curvy-railed area, just hit select and you'll go back by the yellow curve you jumped from. Now go back and go through the checkpoint, and take the left curvy path. Aim at the 2x, wind up, but don't boost until shortly before you jump. You'll hit it and fly slightly to the right, and you can do a 2 flip 1440 uneth for 20,000. Hit select and you'll be on the curve you landed on. Follow it down, and then follow it to the left. Slow down a bit and aim far left. Wind up, boost, and jump out of the curve into the 2x. You should bounce off the crowd and be able to do a 2 flip 1440 uneth, for 20,000. Beware of the bottom tier of the audience, they like to eat you and reset you. Really damn frustrating.

Points: +50,000
Total: 800,000

Get back onto the path, and aim for the small bump of snow to the right of the arch. Do a 2 flip 720 uneth here for 8,000 but slow down a lot as soon as you land. Take the outside edge of this curve, and then angle to the left. There will be a small bump of snow and a 3x. Go through it with a 2 flip 1080 uneth for 24,000. Immediately ride up the left side of the path and turn back down to the right, and wind up and boost into the bump of snow in front of you. Aim for the 5x, and pray you hit that jump right. This is one of the most stressful jumps since it's so fickle. It's moderately easy to do a 2 flip 1440 uneth for 48,000. I've gotten 3 flips on it once for 60k, but it's so unreliable. I know if you hit the brown hump of mud to the right of the snow, you can easily do 3 flips, but I haven't quite figured out how to aim it yet. I know it's possible though, so for the sake of this guide I'll put that juicy 60,000 score in there.

Points: +100,000
Total: 900,000

Now on your way down, you can do a random flip or two for 6,000. Just head for the ramp and wind up. Jump where the red lines stop, not where the ramp stops. You can get an easy 3 flip 1440 uneth for 26,000.
Now, if you did this run properly, you should have a nice amount of time left. If you hit the first 5x on the rock, landed in the mineshaft on the fly, and did the rest of the course without much resistance, you should have about 30 seconds here. Turn around and jump onto the rails and do some 360's, you probably have enough time to do 22k worth (10 jumps). If you fall in the water, you'll be reset above the rails, where you can do a quick flip for about 2,000.

Points: +50k
Total: 950,000

WOW! 950,000 on MESABLANCA! This run isn't even that hard to fathom. Besides the 60,000 on the last 5x, I can routinely get all of these point values on their respective jumps (just not all in one run yet ). How ironic that the most obvious racing course has an incredibly huge showoff ceiling. With further tweaking, I would not be surprised if 1,000,000 was possible. Wouldn't that be a riot? Man.

Can you read this sign?

Mesa Sign

Snowboarding in the desert!

Zoe flying
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