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Merqury City Map
Merqury City Map
Merqury City Meltdown is a Showoff Course like no other!
Unlike any other SSX Course this one is located in a city!
Here you can pull off amazing tricks, fly in and out
of buildings and even onto streets full of cars!

Merqury City Meltdown can be a very fun course
but it takes a lot of practice to get
everything right!

Note that all scores in this Walkthrough
are average scores while using Mac and his
Interrupting Pirate board. Those average scores
are there as guidelines and you may get some
higher or lower amount of points...

Also make sure that you read all sections
before you go on with this course.

Thank you and enjoy!

Over the subway...

Mac Over Subway

Best Merqury City Meltdown Showoff Scores
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That's what the crowd wants!

The SSX Seven Keys Of Showoff
1) NEVER overlook any of the snowflakes!
Hit as many as you can! Those colorful multipliers are your allies for maximizing BIG points! Pay attention to all Oranges & Reds, those are the essentials KEYS to a high Showoff score!

2) ALWAYS stay one step ahead of the game!
Crouch, boost and boost again, boost makes you fly higher...and boost makes you cross checkpoints faster!
Use your time wisely and think "checkpoints," you'll stay ahead of the clock and avoid a dreadful "TIME UP!"

3) GET AIRBORNE PLENTY! ...And with the right foot ahead!
Try not to take off "Goofy-Footed" or you will spin significantly more slowly! Remember, in SSX, a slower spin means lower points! (Using the "SELECT" trick can save you here, as it will always reset you on the correct foot!)

4) Play "MISTY" For Me...
About 90% of the time, during a Showoff run, one will have to think "Figures!" The highest scoring tricks in the SSX Showoff Mode are the "Misty/Rodeo" Figures... Therefore, for most of your run, think "Mistys & Rodeos" only! Take off, spin fast and impress the crowd with a smooth landing... Also make sure you try these "Misty/Rodeo" tricks on some test runs as in some cases and depending on the jump a backward flip will "land" better than a forward one.

5) Grab & Tweak!
It's imperative that you master all the SSX "combo grabs" as well as the "one tweak button" and this for each one of your jumps! Think "cycles" as you take off and count your spins! Pull off some mid-air acrobatics, use all 4 grabs, add a "tweak" and try 4 flips! A "???" figure means BIG points for you, up to 80 to 100k sometimes and getting "up close & personal" with a big "Red" along the way! Score high indeed and you'll get much GLORY crossing the Finish Line...

6) Watch your SHADOW my friend, watch your shadow...
Whenever you're about to land, ALWAYS keep an eye on the ground and watch for your shadow approaching...
Let go off all those buttons in time...and touch down with class and precision!

7) RELEASE the jump button...where a jump tells you to!
Any time you take off a designated jumping area, learn the timing for the release of your jump button. "Full Edge" (at the top) or "Early On" (at the bottom) actually makes your Boarder jump totally differently! Make sure you let go off the button WHERE a jump intends you to, practice a lot and you'll get the feel... Eventually you will increase your airtime BUT also your altitude! Keep all this in mind and then maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the right to apply for a 500k Showoff Membership!

Merqury City Meltdown Showoff Walkthrough

Course Keys

* No Course Keys right now...

The Walkthrough

1) From the Start of the Gate

This is key area in Merqury City Meltdown that will start you off on a good run. There will be no actual jump or snowflake at the start of the showoff but do not let that discourage you. At the start of your run you will notice a few red stripes on the snow of your first turn. Be sure to prewind once you land on the snow from the start of the gate. You should be able to pull of a misty/rodeo 900 along with a good grab, no less than two shoulder buttons. It is a challenge to get to pull off this jump with so little time to prewind and prepare. Just keep at it and sooner or later it will be easy for you. This should start you off with a good 5k and some fairly decent boost. After hitting the jump on the turn there should be a patch of white snow in front of you followed by another patch of snow with red stripes just like at the start of the showoff. Once again you should prewind and try to hit the same jump as you did earlier. Jump the second you start to board over the red stripes. This jump will give you a lot more time to prepare for it plus you already have some boost so you should be able to pull off a somewhat better trick. Try for a misty/rodeo 1080 or if you had trouble with the trick earlier try pulling it off again with a better grab. Do not worry about passing the glass SSX sign on your jump since this is more of a racing shortcut and will not help you in your run.

2) Orange Snowflake over a Fork on the Road

Now you should be passing the glass SSX sign and be heading towards two turns. You will notice that there are two walls in the middle of the path right after the turns. Above them is an orange snowflake. What you want to do here is take the first turn which is to the left and start a prewind. These turns have red stripes as well but they are also fenced in so make sure not to crash. You should be heading up the second turn. Do not make the full turn but instead ride up the curb and launch yourself at the orange snowflake. Do not take to long to jump or you will hit the fence. A successful hit will score you somewhere between 20-30k. This is another jump where you have little time to think and prepare so it may take you a restart or two to get a good jump out of it. It is also worth mentioning that you cannot land on the walls that are below the orange snowflake. You will crash if you try to land on them so always try to either land infront of them or behind them..

3) Two Rails

Since your last jump was heading towards the right you should have landed on the right side of the path. You will see two rails to the left of you or infront of you depending on where you landed. These rails go over a jump. Ignore the rails and aim your jump to the left side. Hit the jump as good as you can but be sure to watch out for those rails because if you jump and hit one you will crash. Once you hit the jump you should be flying towards a yellow snowflake. It will take you a few trys to learn exactly where to position yourself on the jump so you can successfully hit the yellow snowflake. This snowflake will give you a good 20-30k as well. You will land on the outside or near the yellow fence. Just reset yourself if you land outside the fence and pull off a misty to get back on course. You should realize that this ends the start of your showoff, it is good to make sure you get everything you can out of these first three sections. If you crash during a jump I highly recommend that you restart and try to do everything as perfectly as you can.

4) Second SSX Glass Sign

If you landed the last jump correctly you should be on the path. You will pass through a short tunnel and be heading towards a giant pillar right in the middle of your path. Dodge this pillar by going around it and then get ready for your jump. Ignore this glass SSX sign since it is used for racing and will not allow you to score as great as you can on your jump. You will get tons of air on this jump. It is a pitty that there is not some sort of snowflake here. You still should get a good 10-15k+ out of this jump.

5) Entering your First Building

Merqury City Meltdown will allow you to enter some of the buildings in the town. This will be your first opportunity. Once you have landed your last jump you will take a quick turn and infront of you will be a building with an orange snowflake hovering infront of it. The game allows you to take a right or left path. You should do niether. Instead grind the fence leading to the orange snowflake. Be careful because this fence will not lead you into the building. It will end just short of the building so if you do not jump off of the fence you will land between the fence and the building and then be reset back onto course. Do a quick misty/rodeo flip through orange snowflake and into the building. That jump should have scored you about 10k. Then prepare for another jump through the end of the building. Get a good jump off because you will be heading right into another orange snowflake. This jump will pretty much give you anywhere from 15-25k, possibly above 30k.

6) Through an Alley

After landing you should be infront or behind a yellow fence. If you managed to land past the fence you will be heading into an alley way. Reset yourself on course. Even if you did land infront of the fence you will still get into better postion. I would try to take the right path. Both right and left paths are almost identical but I feel you can pull off some better jumps on the right path. At the start of the right path there will be a bus sticking out of a mound of snow. Above that mound is a yellow snowflake. Use the mound of snow as some sort of half pipe and jump into that yellow snowflake. You should pull off a jump worth 10-20k. Next will be a couple turns where you can pull off small jumps if you want to. This path isn't too long and at the end of the turns you will see a jump with a yellow snowflake located farther into the path. Jump as long as you can to hit that yellow snowflake. You can do this by jumping in the middle of the jump and not at the top. This jump will give you 10-20k as well.

7) Into the Garage

This is a very challenging part of the course. You should enter the first floor of the garage on the right hand side of the path and continue past all of those parked cars. There is a yellow barricade at the end of the garage so do a misty over it. Now you are coming up to your first red snowflake. Do a decent jump into it which should give you 15-25k. Be careful not to jump far on that one since you will need to pull off a jump with your remaining space left. Jump from the roof top into the building, right through your second red snowflake. Once again you should get a decent jump out of it with about a score of 15-25k. Once you pass through the building you will come up to a rail passing right through a donut whole ; D . Grind the rail right through your third red snowflake and then jump through your fourth red snowflake at the end of the rail and into the next building. This should give you another 20-30k worht of style points. The rest of the garage path is not worth going through for two simple reasons. First is that it is very difficult to continue through the path. Secondly you will not score too many points anymore plus the rest is more of a racing shortcut. Once you have passed through the second building auto-reset yourself to the main path.

8) Entering your Second Building

Once you have reset yourself back on course you should be heading towards a glass ramp. Hit it at the top of the ramp so you can get a nice 10-15k jump. Next is yet another jump from a glass ramp. Make sure to be heading straight in the center off this jump. Once you land you should be heading towards a building very similar to the one earlier in the course. There are two key differences on this building though. The first one is that instead of an orange snowflake hovering infront of the building, there is a yellow one. Second is that this rail will let you railslide it all the way into the building unlike the first one. I still suggest that you pull a misty flip through the yellow snowflake. After entering the building watch out for cubicles because if you crash into them it will auto-reset you back onto course. You should try to stay on the left side of the building. Once you jump out of the building you can either hit a blimp with an orange snowflake on your right side or a blimp with a yellow snowflake on your left side. After you hit the orange snowflake just grind the blimp which should give you another 20-30k.

9) Grinding the Rail

After you land you should be right infront of a rail with an orange snowflake at the end. Railslide on the rail and then do a jump through the orange snowflake to give you about 15-20k. After landing it you should come up to a bride with police cars on each side. Just do a decent jump over the bridge. Continue to board for a while until you pass a bronze statue of some sort of snowboarder and then hit another jump. All together you should have a good 15-30k from these two jumps.

10) Another SSX Glass Sign

Do not go through this glass SSX sign. Use it as a marking point. You should actually board to the right of it and get ready to jump through the orange snowflake that lies ahead. After landing it get back on path and head down until you get near the bridge. Before you go over the bridge make a sharp left turn and you should see a red snowflake. Jump through it and try to land on the ship to get a good 40-55k. Then reset yourself so you end up back on the bridge. Jump through the yellow snowflake infront of you. You should be able to get about 20-30k from this jump.

11) So many Orange Snowflakes

After landing your last jump you should be coming up to a ramp with an orange snowflake infront of it. Jump through it and land on the street where all the cars are. This jump should give you a good 20-30k as well. Continue your path through the street, zig-zagging through cars. You should fall off the street and land on the second level (There are three levels here. The main path at the bottom, the level beneath the street, and the street). Now you should see another jump infront of you with another orange snowflake. If you have time turn around and boost your way up the hill. This will give you more time to prepare for your jump. Hit the jump to get 20-25k from it and land on the next part of the second level. If you miss it you will land below it on the main path. This will be your third jump which is identical to the second one. Do the same thing and you should score about the same as the last jump. Land it and pass through the check point.

12) Checkpoint

You are coming near to the end of your run so pass through this check point. Be careful because there is a jump here. You do not want to get a lot of air on this jump or else you will hit the cieling. Make the turn and you should see a glass SSX sign on your left. Go through it and try to grind the light post below you. This should send you flying onto a hill where another orange snowflake awaits. Jump through it and prepare for your last jump.

13) The Last Jump

You have two options here. The first being to take the jump through the red snowflake or the second being to jump on the street above it. I would jump on the street above it. Then just prepare to hit that red snowflake that you see hovering above the stadium. You should get somewhere between 60-80k on this jump plus you'll be able to jump right through the roof and into the arena. Now if you have time left stand around and pull off 180's, 360's ect. When time begins to run short just cross the finish line and receive your gold.

That is the end of my Walkthrough for Showoff in the Merqury City.
I hope it will help you out a lot but remember that this course needs a lot of practice!
So don't give up and keep playin 'cause SSX Rulez!

This is not a perfect Walkthrough and if you have any other strategies please
e-mail them to me at so I can compare and see which ones are better.
(And please also send any other info to, Thanks!)

Walkthrough written by Ouija

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