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Red Line
Big Alps Map
Big Alps Map With Shortcuts

The Elysium Alps
are the longest course in the game.

Not only are they the longest
but of all the venues they are the ones
holding the largest amount
of snowflakes!

This is definitely the Showoff course
to score big and reach the highest
amount of trickpoints.

I encourage you to
read through this complete
Walkthrough before starting the
course so you can fully understand what
will be ahead of you after each section.

Thank you and enjoy!

...Hard to get!

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Best Elysium Alps Showoff Scores So Far...
(Please Send your BEST SCORES to be posted on this site.)

The BEST SCORES listed below authorize the use of the Mallora Board or again
the reset trick using the "SELECT" button. Those BEST SCORES do not have the
purpose to elect any SSX Showoff World Champion as the real competition will
take place ONLY in "The Hall Of Fame" when the MALLORA CORNER section
of this site will be open.

Grandmort 1003600
Big Lou 000000
Run5k 000000
Ouija 000000
Who Else? 000000

Red Flake Picture

Hello there!

The SSX Seven Keys Of Showoff
1) NEVER overlook any of the snowflakes!
Hit as many as you can! Those colorful multipliers are your allies for maximizing BIG points! Pay attention to all Oranges & Reds, those are the essentials KEYS to a high Showoff score!

2) ALWAYS stay one step ahead of the game!
Crouch, boost and boost again, boost makes you fly higher...and boost makes you cross checkpoints faster!
Use your time wisely and think "checkpoints," you'll stay ahead of the clock and avoid a dreadful "TIME UP!"

3) GET AIRBORNE PLENTY! ...And with the right foot ahead!
Try not to take off "Goofy-Footed" or you will spin significantly more slowly! Remember, in SSX, a slower spin means lower points! (Using the "SELECT" trick can save you here, as it will always reset you on the correct foot!)

4) Play "MISTY" For Me...
About 90% of the time, during a Showoff run, one will have to think "Figures!" The highest scoring tricks in the SSX Showoff Mode are the "Misty/Rodeo" Figures... Therefore, for most of your run, think "Mistys & Rodeos" only! Take off, spin fast and impress the crowd with a smooth landing... Also make sure you try these "Misty/Rodeo" tricks on some test runs as in some cases and depending on the jump a backward flip will "land" better than a forward one.

5) Grab & Tweak!
It's imperative that you master all the SSX "combo grabs" as well as the "one tweak button" and this for each one of your jumps! Think "cycles" as you take off and count your spins! Pull off some mid-air acrobatics, use all 4 grabs, add a "tweak" and try 4 flips! A "???" figure means BIG points for you, up to 80 to 100k sometimes and getting "up close & personal" with a big "Red" along the way! Score high indeed and you'll get much GLORY crossing the Finish Line...

6) Watch your SHADOW my friend, watch your shadow...
Whenever you're about to land, ALWAYS keep an eye on the ground and watch for your shadow approaching...
Let go off all those buttons in time...and touch down with class and precision!

7) RELEASE the jump button...where a jump tells you to!
Any time you take off a designated jumping area, learn the timing for the release of your jump button. "Full Edge" (at the top) or "Early On" (at the bottom) actually makes your Boarder jump totally differently! Make sure you let go off the button WHERE a jump intends you to, practice a lot and you'll get the feel... Eventually you will increase your airtime BUT also your altitude! Keep all this in mind and then maybe, just maybe, you'll earn the right to apply for a 500k Showoff Membership!

Elysium Alps Showoff Walkthrough

Course Keys

* No Course Keys right now...

The Walkthrough

1) Two Orange Snowflakes and One Yellow Snowflake

The first jump of the course is a red hill. You can use jump this to pull off a small trick and get ready to hit one of the orange snowflake ahead. The tricky part about this is that the ramp for that jump continuesly moves up and down. When it faces down you will not get enough air to reach one of the orange snowflakes. The second tricky part is that the orange snowflake on the right has a lamp below it near the landing area so if you aim too much to the right you will hit the lamp and ruin your jump. For the orange snowflake on the left there is a snow-covered tree that will pose the same problem as the one with the lamp. My best advice here is to hit the jump at full speed and make sure you are going straight (also make sure you take the ramp on the left or the one on the right to hit an orange snowflake, the middle ramp will send you through the yellow snowflake). By going straight you will not hit the lamp or the tree and you will be able to land safely. If you hit the ramp while it is not in the upward position just restart your showoff run since this is only the beginning.

2) Orange Snowflake on Top of a Sign

Once you land and make the left turn you will be headed towards a yellow jump. On the left side of this jump is a big sign with black letters. On top of this sign is another orange snowflake. You should be heading left and not straight and you should easily be able to hit the orange snowflake with that jump.

3) Two Orange Snowflakes in Mid Air

Here ahead are two orange snowflakes in the air but there seems to be no jump to reach them.
Those two are really difficult to get. The way you can get one of them is to hit the yellow turn at a good speed, which should then send you flying in the air, and right through one of the orange snowflakes. To get one of those takes a lot of practice.

4) First Checkpoint

There is a red hill before the first checkpoint. This is just like a normal jump; you should be ready to hit the shortcut on the right once you land.

5) First Shortcut

This is a really good shortcut to save time and get tons of trick points. The tricky part here is to stay on the path and not fall through the gaps between the jumps. The first thing you will see here is a yellow snowflake. Make sure not to jump to far when getting that yellow snowflake as there is another jump right after it and if you go to far you will fall through the gap or you won't have enough time to make the next jump and you will fall anyway. After this there is another jump to the left through an orange snowflake. It is somewhat of a hard one because you are jumping on a turn and you don't have too much time to prepare your jump. If you jump to much to the left you will miss your landing and fall way below into the rocks. Right after you land if you succeed there will be a sharp right turn and another jump. Hit that jump and get ready to go through your first red snowflake. Get a good jump through it and then there will be another jump through a yellow snowflake to end the shortcut.

6) The Second Red Snowflake

On your first turn here there will be a tall sign with a red snowflake on top of it, followed by a lower sign with an orange snowflake and then an even lower sign with a yellow snowflake. On the curve do not make a full turn and instead use that curve as a ramp and you should be able to hit the red snowflake.

7) The Third & Fourth Red Snowflake

Once you land you are now headed towards another red snowflake. There are three paths to take here. The most convenient one would be the left one since you probably landed near this area. The middle path will send you through a few jumps or rail slides, which won't give you that many points. The left and right paths are ice paths and both lead to a major jump and each through a red snowflake. You need to make sure you get enough speed and air to hit one of those red snowflake.

8) The Fifth Red Snowflake

Yet another red snowflake. This is a hard one to get because it is on top of a "caution" sign and underneath the rocky wall of the tunnel. You need to ride up the right side of the wall (or the left side of if you took the right path in Part 7) and pull off a small jump. Be sure not to go too high or you will hit the top of the tunnel and mess up your jump! Also try not to crash into the "caution" sign on your way down. This is another area of the course that takes a lot of practice to get it perfect.

9) Double Black Diamond Path

After hitting one red jump you should be headed down towards two paths. One is a blue square path and the other one is a double black diamond path. In order to get on the double black diamond path you need to make a sharp left turn after the jump. Once on the path you will need to jump over a tree and then you will be headed towards a jump through a yellow snowflake. It is important you get enough air on that jump because if you crash into the mountainside you will fall back onto the blue squarepath and you will not get another chance to go back on the black diamond one. Once you land you will have another jump through another yellow snowflake. The same problem with the length exists here and also on your next coming jump through the following orange snowflake. Once landing after hitting the orange snowflake do not continue on the double black diamond path. Instead you should aim to the right for your next jump, and once again going through yet another red snowflake! This will take you back on the blue square path, which will then lead you to the third checkpoint.

10) Third Checkpoint

This is a huge jump, unfortunately there are no snowflakes here so make the best of it by pulling off some insane tricks. After this there is a left turn with an orange snowflake above some rocks. If you do not make the turn and just jump you should easily hit the orange snowflake and make a good landing on the other side.

11) Small Jump Through a Yellow Snowflake

Not much here just hit the jump and get a good 15-20k from it.

12) A Hidden Red Snowflake

You should be heading towards a turn and then a jump. On the left side of the track are some signs and some trees and behind the trees... a red snowflake!
If you jump through the trees without hitting one of them or again one of the sign poles you should be able to hit the red snowflake.

13) Half Pipe

Woo! A half pipe... the only problem is that there is a bunch of glass walls in the middle which you have to jump to get over. It’s not too hard and on every jump you will either be able to hit a yellow or an orange snowflake. The only major problem here is you have to watch out for time that is running out. If you are having trouble with the clock I suggest that wherever you are on the half pipe you just snowboard up onto one of the side and continue to stay up there until the end of the half pipe where you will find the fourth checkpoint.

14) Loop Jump

Before the loop there is a right turn with a yellow snowflake. It won't give you more then 5-10k but you should still attempt to hit it as long as you’re not too short on time. After the turn you will be headed towards the ice loop. Go through the loop at full speed and then there will be a small tip of ice to make a jump through either an orange snowflake or two yellow ones on either side. If you jump from the end of the tip you should hit the orange snowflake and then land and headtowards the end of the course.

15) End of the Course, Two Red Snowflakes

At the end of the course there is be a big metal door that opens when you approach it.
On each sides of that door there will be a red snowflake. Just ride up the snowy wall and turn off into the air hitting one of the red snowflake, if you have enough time try to go for the other wall on the other side of the door and try to hit the other red snowflake.
Then just head for the finish line and the end of your course.

That is the end of my Walkthrough for Showoff in the ElysiumAlps.
This is not a perfect Walkthrough and if you have any other strategies please e-mail them
to me at so I can compare and see which ones are better.
(And please also send any other info to, Thanks!)

Walkthrough written by Ouija

...A lot of snowflakes!

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