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SSX Wallpapers
(Doesn't wallpaper go on a wall, and a Desktop Picture, well, on the Desktop...?)
Oh well, so here they are anyway, our very first "SSX Wallpapers - Desktop Pictures!"
(Access full size images by clicking thumbnails,"right-click" to save on PCs, just drag image to your Desktop on a Mac.)
Each Wallpaper is 1024x768 and even though we won't be offering here any 800x600 or 1152x864 options, I'll be happy to re-size any image if somebody needs a different format.(Just send an e-mail with the size you'd like to have...)

8 By Phat Phil... (Made In The U.K. & with one for the Pros!)

3 By Gondee... (More Stuff By Gondee On the Fan Art Page!)

1 By Grandmort (From a cropped view of the SSX Tricky ad I found in Independent PSM...)

...& 1 by Anonymous!

They are no SSX Ads or SSX Reviews right now as this page is not complete and its layout will change...
Since apparently the SSX Wallpapers prove to be popular though, go ahead and make some more and I'll post them here!
(Depending on the feedback we get we may have a Wallpaper Contest very soon, and for pure Wallpaper Design and also where you, the SSX Fans, get to vote for your ultimate favorites...)

Enjoy & Special Thanks To Gondee & Phat Phil!

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