An alpine rider that pushes himself and his gear beyond the limits to win at any cost .
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Hiro's Personal Info

Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 21
Blood Type: A+

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Hiro's Starting Skills

Style: Alpine
Edging: 14/29
Speed: 16/32
Stability: 8/20
Tricks: 9/19

Note: These are Skill Points with the first two Boards. Experience Points received after finishing a course and winning a medal let you increase the Skill Levels. Using different Boards can also boost the Skill potential.
Hiro Sketch
Thanks to Gondee for compiling Hiro's Info for the SSX Fan Site
for providing the background sketch.
Special Thanks to Kevin Roberts for letting us use Character's Game Quotes
from his very helpful SSX Game Guide v1.6.
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