Welcome to the SSX Contest & Challenges page!

Contests on this site will each run for a limited time and with a specific deadline to submit entries.
Challenges will be ongoing until all possibilities are exhausted or when the goal for a particular Challenge is being met and a winner declared (in which case the Challenge will then be closed.)
New Contests & Challenges will be posted monthly on this site. (If you think of any that you would like to see here do not hesitate to write this Fan Site at contest@merqurycity.com and submit your ideas. Also as soon as SSX Tricky will be available in stores, Contest & Challenges for the sequel too will be posted on this site.)
For now find the specific rules for each Contest & Challenge by clicking on their respective link below.
Send all submissions to contest@merqurycity.com, play well, good luck and have fun!

SSX Contests

Elysium 2 Minutes Showoff Run (Not Yet)
Score as much as you can before the first Checkpoint!

The Hiro Showoff Contest (Not Yet)
Score as much as you can using Hiro in Snowdream!

The Jurgen Showoff Contest (Not Yet)
Score as much as you can using Jurgen in Mesablanca!

SSX Challenges

The Untracked Race Challenge (Open)
Race down Untracked as fast you can!

The Untracked Showoff Challenge (Open)
Score as much as possible and in under 5 minutes!

The Route 66 SuperCross (Not Yet)
See details on page...

The Mesa Mine Mystery (Open)
Identify the SIGN in the Mesablanca Mines!

Helico Landing Challenge (Open)
Try to touch (or even land in) the Untracked Helicopter!