To enter a Code, first access the Options Screen by pressing the Square Button.
At the Options Screen, hold all 4 Shoulder Buttons (L1+ R1+L2+R2) and then press the correct Button Sequence (found below) for the Code you wish to enter. Upon correct entry you will hear a sound confirming the Code is now active
(Note that a Code will not be activated if you hear no sound! Start over by releasing quickly all Shoulder Buttons, and try again until you hear a sound... Entering several Codes at once is possible, but be aware that some of them will actually cancel each other out!)

To disable a Code re-enter the same Sequence, a second identical sound will be heard to confirm the Code is now turned off.

Here are the Five "Known" SSX Codes:

Mallora Board – Unlock The Hidden Mallora Board Circle (5), X, Triangle, Square
Note: The Mallora Board will not be visible at the Character Selection Screen. Just choose any Board and proceed to a Venue.
Only there will the Mallora be visible, replacing the Board you have previously selected.

SSX Cheat Mode – Unlock All Venues, Boards & Outfits Down, Left, Up, Right, X, Circle, Triangle, Square
Note: This Code does not unlock the Mallora Board!

Maximum Attributes – Maximize All Character Skills For Speed, Edging, Stability & Tricks Square, X (7)
Note: This Code will not give you the Mallora either, even though it enhances Character skills in the same manner.

View All Course Hints – Display All The Game Hints Before Playing Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, X
Note: You will have to go (and suffer) through the complete set of hints before being able to actually reach a Venue!

Running Man Mode – Just Try It & Enjoy... Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Note: I don't think anybody has yet tried to run with the Mallora Board on their back! '
Got pictures? Send them in!

To Unlock The SSX Venues
Earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal in a Race or Showoff World Circuit Event to unlock & "Move On To The Next Venue."
(Different Boards will also be unlocked this way.)

To Unlock The Aloha Ice Jam Or The Pipe Dream Course
Race in the World Circuit Event and earn a Medal in Tokyo Megaplex to unlock the Aloha Ice Jam.
Showoff in the World Circuit Event and earn a Medal in Tokyo Megaplex to unlock Pipe Dream.

To Unlock Untracked
Finish the World Circuit Event and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal in both Aloha Ice Jam & Pipe Dream to unlock beautiful Untracked.

Game Shark Codes
We don't really like Game Shark Codes here... But, well, I guess they do exist, so here you go:
Master Code (Required): EC8F2A64 1456E60A
Outrageous Score: 1C2CD618 17E9C70C
(...or how Grandmort got a Million points in the Alps & fooled everybody! Just kidding!)

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