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Forum for serious non-SSX discussion. Forum is strictly moderated.
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Mon May 31, 2004 1:55 pm

Welcome to the revamped Lodge. This forum is no longer for games and chit-chat topics. It is now the home of all serious discussion. If you desire a serious, on-topic discussion with strict modding, create your topic here. Those that cannot follow the rules will be removed from being able to post here.

Here are the rules for the Lodge. Please read these before you post.

1. Off-topic posting is a big no-no here and will get you in trouble very quickly. Stick to the topic at hand. If I see you spam, I will warn you once. If you spam again, you will be barred for the forum for one week. Spam in this forum a third time and you will be excluded from it for good. Do not whine to me about how unfair this is. You agreed to the terms of this forum when you posted here.

2. This forum is for SERIOUS discussion of any variety of topics. Want to seriously discuss the next hot game coming out? Put your topic here. Want to seriously discuss jokes? Put it here. Don't care if someone spams your topic about how bad your day was? Put it in the Playground.

3. No games, spamming topics, or "chit chat" topics are allowed here - AT ALL. Those go in the Playground. Do not post "My day sucked" topics here - those are chit-chat type topics and belong in the Playground.

4. Just to repeat: Moderation is strict here. The rules that apply to the rest of the forum apply here, but are more strictly moderated. Act like an ass and chew out your fellow posters and you won't last long here. There are no second chances once you are prohibited from this forum. Make the most of it.

Now, enjoy. :cheers
Topic locked