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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:31 am  Post subject: La Raza's Perversion of the Term "Spanish"  
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Hi All:

As a person who is one-quarter ethinally Colombian, racially Caucasian and can trace his geneology back to the Iberian Peninsula (i.e., Spain and Portugal), I feel no choice but to express my disgust of La Raza's attempt to present the term "Hispanic" as refering to anyone who is not white. Anyone who consults Wikipedia knows that White Hispanics do exist, such as American soccer plater Amy Rodriquez and Ted Cruz, both who are part Cuban. Logically, then, it seems as if La Raza's efforts to strip white Hispanics of their ethnic identity not only violates the law of non-contradictions, but assumes the all Spaniards must have Central and South American indigenous blood within them to qualify as such. The trouble with this argument is that White Hispanics predated the type of individuals described in the last sentence.

If La Raza values honesty over bigotry, then they would claim that some Spaniards today are Mestizos. By "Mestizo," I am speaking about people who are the descendants of a Spanish / Central and / or South American native bloodline. First and foremost, before taking exhibitions to the continent of South America, all Spanish people came from Spain, which is in a completely different continent (i.e., Europe). In certain instances, the Spanish, European by origin, encountered indigenous tribes when exploring Central and South America. More specifically, humans we label today as "Latinos" (i.e., Spanish-speaking Central and South American natives) learned this tongue from Europe's Spaniards, who taught it to the indigenous tribes during their stays on the South American continent. Over time, a complicated antecedent factor emerged. In particular, the Spanish, who derivated from the European cradle, came into contact with the indigenous people who accrued a "Latin identity" by learning the Spaniards' language. Consequently, some Spaniards married and produced offsprings with Latinos, leading to a distinct ethnic group known as Mestizos. Thus, one is led the conclusion that some Spanish-speaking people--but not all--are Mestizos.

Let me clarify a few things: I do not believe that any White Hispanic has the right to call Mestizos from the Aztec, Inca, Arawat, or Mayan cultures--or any other Central or South American ethic group--as "savages" or "half-breeds." By the same token, I believe that any Mestizo that calls White Hispanics "gringoes" or "whiteys" ought to understand that their inclusion into the Spanish culture resulted from Spaniards teaching the natives the language and culture of Spain, and being loving enough (something I applaud) to intermarry into bear children with Central and South American indigenous people. As a Christian, I believe the Bible is clear that prejudice against other ethnic groups and races violates the Scripture, and ought not to be practiced by a person who is truly committed to living by God's Word. Truthfully speaking, the term Spanish transcends ethnic and racial origin, since it it is a description of the primary language that one speaks.

In the end, I find La Raza as a divise element which threatens to destroy the threads of Spanish elements that link people of various cultures together.

Take care.

Best Wishes,

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