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Putting an Image in a Post

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 12:22 am
from: gondee
Viewed: 1393

Putting an image in a post

MESS wrote:
In order to put an image into a post, or use one in your signature, you must find the url of the picture and put it in between image tags, which can be used by clicking on the "img" button in the "Post a Reply" area.

In order to use any image tags, you must have no spaces in between the tags and the url. In order to find the url, you must right click on the image you want, click on properties, and use the url that screen shows you. The properties screen can also be used to see the pictures size, to see if it fits avatar/signature size restrictions.

If you want to use a picture you have made yourself in a paint like program, get an account at After you have done that, go into "Upload files" and use the browse button to find the file you want to upload. (There cannot be any spaces in the file name, it will be called an "unrecognizable" character.) Then, go to your site, click on the link to that particular image, and find the url of that picture the way I described above, and put the url in tags.

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