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Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 9:47 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser
Age - 19
Height - 5'7"
Weight - 140 lbs
Blood Type: AB-
Nationality - American
Likes: Lemonade
Dislikes: Skiers
Trait: Music-Fanatic
Partner - Kaori
Rival - JP
Favorite Event: Big Air and Super Pipe
Stance: Regular
Motivation: Take the Mountain Champion title home.

Bio: Forever listening to music, often eccentric, and always a serious competitive force, Mac has worked hard on his skills and is ready to show them off this year on the mountain. Just don't ask him to hit pause, you'll disturb his rhythm!

Quotes from DJ Atomika:
* Mac Frasier spent the off season exercising his mental toughness in the remote wilderness of Colorado where he peak-bagged all 54 of the state's fourteeners.
* Mac Frasier's pre-game routine never changes. He eats 11 cereal marsh- mallows and puts a worn card in his pocket that says "Be the best you can be."
* Mac Frasier isn't afraid of getting technical or throwing up colossal airs, that's what makes him such a threat on the SSX Circuit.
* Here's something SSX super fans might not know about the legendary Mac Fraser. When asked what he'd do if he weren't a pro, Mac says he'd be an extra in a zombie film.
* When Mac Frasier isn't riding or training, he's working to brew up the world's more perfect lemonade. He takes it pretty seriously, kinda like lemon art.

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