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SSX On Tour Legends

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 9:31 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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SSX on tour legends by; Mad Jo3 and Animegamer71
[macontour] [sid] [tyson] [elise] [zoe] [kaori] [nateontour]

SSX On tour Masters By Animegamer71 and Mad Jo3

Royank-Some of the best Freestyle records? More like ALL!! Royank Holds the World Records for every OT Freestyle record And is one of the most Respected OT players at Merqurycity

RE virus- RE is better known as the best Slopestyler of SSX3 but has history behind OT too. RE is the best OT racer at merqurycity and holds many tough records as Royank is the king of Freestyle RE is the king of Racing.

NOB- The best OT Clean racer very quiet and no records on the scoreboards but you’d be very surprised.

IceXtreme- The best SSX3 racer and Continues to Dominate in SSX OT a very well respected player of Merqurycity, Ice Has many Master runs for both OT and SSX3

HX YEH- Another Speed demon HX YEH is a step below RE in racing but still manages to hold a few world records for OT. HX and IceX are very Equal in OT racing and will continue to always dominate

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