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After the tour...

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 9:25 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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This is copied directly from the ending video from SSX On Tour.

Went back in time to fight evil. Whereabouts unknown.

Became king of Canada. Established a threeday school week, free skis for every citizen, had "Ski Patrol" removed from the dictionary.

Joined forces with a trio of rogue Japanese theme park mascots - a bear, alligator and kangaroo - to fight global crime. Calls herself "Kaori X", lives on a mysterious island. Seriously.

Took a break to pursue life long dream of becoming a singer. Released 'Holidays with Nate'. It went platinum in Europe. Moved to Belgium 'cause he's HUGE there.

Invented Extreme Full Contact Yoga. Started a professional league in the US and Asia. Currently developing an Extreme Yoga video game with Electronic Arts.

Moved to Canada to work for King Tyson. Became Executive Commander of Water Parks and Pettig Zoos. Works too much.

Became mayor of Big Mountain. Lives above Rob and Bob's Board Shop - with Moby. Rides everyday.

Gave up everything and moved to Mexico to sell shell necklaces. Turned business into multi-billion dollar Jewelry empire. Bought Canada from Tyson - turned it into a llama farm.

Got into movies. Starred in the box office smash 'Zombie A-Go-Go'. Became cult movie scream queen. Adored by millions.

Dominated next few curcuits. Moved back to Australia. Became a cop, made everyone call her 'Loose Cannon', and often slammed her badge and gun down yelling "But I get results!"

Captured and held by government scientists (c'mon - he's a Yeti). Freed by Mitch Koobski (the Unicorn). Set off an global rock and roll tour. Formed a band called

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