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Ski Trick List

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 9:24 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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This is a list of grabs and Monster Tricks that can be done on skis and how to do them (on a PS2).

For most tricks addind Square just tweaks it for more points. But where it creates a new trick I have indicated it in my list.

[subtitle]Single Button Grabs[/subtitle]

R1=Safety Air
Right hand grabs the right ski just under the boot.

R2=Tail Blunt Air
Body twists and right hand grabs the right ski's tail.

Skis cross and right hand grabs the outer edge of the left ski infront of the crossing point.

L2=Japan Air
Right hand grabs inside edge of left ski behind the boot.

[subtitle]Double Button Grabs[/subtitle]

R1+R2=Nose Grab
Right hand grabs the nose area of the left ski.

L1+L2=Double Safety Air
Same as the single one but the left hand mirrors the right.

L1+L2+Square=Truck Driver Air
Its a Double Safety but you pull the tips of your skis up.

Right hand grabs the inside edge of the right ski infront of the binding and pulls it to the right.

R2+L2=Lu Kang Air
Like the Japan but Right hand goes to the right ski outside edge.

R1+L2=No Grab Air
Bow you legs like John Wayne and rack up the style points.

A lovely little arial dance invented in the 80's before spins came into fasion.

L1+R2=Double Japan
Pulls a Japan then adds the left hand to the left ski inside edge infront or the bindings.

[subtitle]Triple Button Grabs[/subtitle]

R1+R2+L1=Parallel Air
Right hand goes to the outside of the left ski binding whalst keeping the skis parallel.

R1+R2+L2=Toxic Air
Right hand to inside edge right ski in the tail area. Tweak to cross the skis.

Another one from the 80's. Simply spread your legs.

L1+L2+R2+Square=Spread Eagle
Same as a Kossak but you spread your arms as well. Just make sure you land it else your gonna be sore for days :eek

L1+L2+R2=Critical Air
Right hand grabs the left skis inside edge infront of the binding.

L1+L2+R2+Square=Rocket Air
Its a Critical but you stick your arse out.

[subtitle]Quadruple Button Grabs[/subtitle]

R1+R2+L1+L2=Tail Grab
Lift the heels and your right hand makes a blind grab at the tail of your right ski.

R1+R2+L1+L2+Square=Mute Tail Grab
Do a tail grab then add in the complexity of crossing your skis at the same time.

[subtitle]Monster Tricks[/subtitle]

Most of these are indescribably complex. But those that arn't are described.

^=Pork Chop Sandwiches

>=Jearked Chicken


<=Lounge Lizzard



>v=Swing Shift

>^=Coco The Monkey
Both skis off and held in an X shape behind you.


Like ski jumping only your holding your skis

<^=Fat Hornet

A giant flying T

If I have missed anything please PM me.


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