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What Is

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 12:40 am
from: gondee
Article type: General
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Merqurycity was created as a fansite for the SSX series. Few members of the orignal Donut Zone (previous message board before Gravitude Bar) still lurk the site today! The ultimate goal was to feature a place where fans could go, find SSX media such as downloads of music, and videos all in one place and also have a community where fans could share their love or knowledge for the game. The site slowly grew with the popularity of SSX and SSX Tricky. Gondee and Grandmort eventually aborted Donut Zone and Gravitude Bar and made the Gravitude Bar even better. More features and no ad\'s complimented the board well. This of course attracted a crowd. Now the site was growing faster than ever. Sept. 26, 2003 was the official date when Gravitude was created but members started poppin in after that date, most of which came from the Gamefaqs message boards. The site was now home to some of the greatest SSX players on the planet. New master runs were shown, new records were still being shattered for both SSX and SSX Tricky! Competition is what kept alot of players coming back. Then with the announcement of SSX3 even more people started coming. Alot of the people that showed up were new to the SSX world. Merqurycity is now word renowned for being the premier SSX fansite and this is where the best of the best come to share their wisdom of the game. Now with an announcement that SSX 4 is in development, surely there will be a flock of new fans headed our way! Enjoy your stay!

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