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The "Magnificent Six" in the E.A. building during their SSX 3 Weekend.
From left to right: gondee, Krispy24, dolphingirl, FirebrandX, grandmort and happymachines.

If you've just come to the SSX Community in the last year or so, many of you may have heard the term "SSX 3 Weekend", or heard certain people referred to as "Weekenders." Here is an article to explain this in-depth so that you can catch up on what was one of the coolest little happenings for and the SSX Community as a whole.

Back in late July 2003, I (gondee) received an e-mail that I initially thought was a hoax. It came with the simple heading "SSX 3" and was very inconspicuous. After I read it though, I freaked out, because it was from an Electronic Arts representative (!), though I didn't believe it until I read the e-mail address. I hastily wrote back, wondering what in the world EA would to talk to me about. After conversing through e-mail, I called and talked to Electronic Arts in person, whereupon they informed us that they would like to fly us down to Vancouver to game-test SSX 3 before it was released to the public to give them feedback about how to make it better.

In the span of less than a week EA selected five hardcore fans from the SSX Community, primarily based out of the Gamefaqs SSX 3 bulltin board at the time, to fly up and meet in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and meet at EA BIG's Vancouver headquarters. Those 5 people were the (now legendary) SSX community members:

grandmort - Creator of SSX Fan Site
gondee - Second in command of and author of various FAQ's for the community.
FirebrandX - Legendary competitor and racer supreme who made his name holding every single racing record for both SSX and SSX Tricky.
happymachines - Another legendary competitor whose movies of SSX events became the basis for the Master Runs
Krispy24 - A very enthusiastic new member to the SSX Community
Dolphingirl - a legend at the Gamefaqs board for her pure friendliness and willingness to help others

So we all cleared our schedules in the span of a week and boarded planes to Vancouver...

Arrival and heading to Canada