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Peak 1
Standard Issue - orange prison pants
Charred Soul - blackened face
Laughing Gas - gas mask
Horn Dog - haircut with two large "horns" of hair in front
Spikey - silver helmet w/ 4 spikes on top

Peak 2
Wound Up - black and red coat w/ lots of leather straps
Programmer T-shirt - short sleeve button up dress shirt with tie
Sniffin' Napalm - green and black stripes down face
Uranium Miner -gas mask and hood
Tranquilizer Armor - spiked shoulder armor

Peak 3
Fish Bait - black shirt missing left sleeve w/ piranhas stuck all over it
Bundle of Joy - straight jacket
Horror Show - black and red pants w/ lots of leather straps
Fish 'n' Chips - snorkel and goggles

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