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Peak 1
Plaid Shirt - plaid shirt over a long-sleeve black shirt
Basic Balaclava - a black pullover stocking cap
Decibel Phones - silver head phones
Undercover - gold 80's style sunglasses
The Demander - white, black, and red backpack

Peak 2
Ton O' Tunes - a huge boombox held on his right shoulder
Smile! Balaclava - a black pullover stocking cap w/ a smile on it
Fro What? - basic black afro with pick in it
MF Chain - a gold chain with Mac's initials on it
Wheeled One - black and white backpack with skateboard

Peak 3
Monkey Brains - gorilla mask
Saaa-WAT - SWAT helmet
Turntable - turntable strapped to back
Disc Player - CD player on right leg

...your playground, your racetrack, your launch pad!

-Discover the mountain's secrets!
-Ride from one awesome area to the next!
-Enter competitions and take on big challenges!
-Discover hidden collectibles...