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Peak 1
Face Factor - Gas Mask
Sunrise Bandana - A red bandana she wears on her head
Fifi Choker - Leather, studded choker
Mural Pack - A backpack full of spraypaint cans
Spray Cans - Two spraypaint cans she holds

Peak 2
Vintage Flyer - Jet pilot helmet
Relief - green army helmet
Cherry Chopstick - A red/white guitar strapped across her back.
Broken Wrist - A big huge cast on her right arm.
Spare Change - A squeegee and spray bottle she holds in each hand.

Peak 3
Your Pal - The big oval head that is usually a generic bolt-on.
Buckeye - grey modern pilots helmet w/ black visor
Rocket - A big fat rocket strapped across her back, with flame!
Road Trip - A guitar case strapped across her back

...your playground, your racetrack, your launch pad!

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