This Master Runs Section is NO LONGER UPDATED. There is a new, much better Master Runs section now online.

Please go to the New Master Runs Section to view all the best SSX movies on the site.

Master Runs: Master Runs are the best movies for a particular track in the SSX series. They are the mastered runs - the highest scores, the fastest times, in general the type of movies that make your jaw drop and wonder "How do they do that?" .

You can find Master Runs for all SSX games here at As the premiere SSX site on the net, we gather the best players from around the world, and host their
best runs, their Master Runs.

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In the meantime, go to the Gravitude Bar - the forum here on, and PM gondee if you have a Master Run you would like to show the world. Masters are made here, and so their runs are shown here.

The "SSX Tutorial Videos" in the bottom frame below the Scoreboard links are for help movies dealing with specific racing or style techniques, but that are not considered Master Runs. Things like BIG Challenges, track wormholes, snowflake locations and Shreds in SSX On Tour are hosted there. :)

Enjoy the Master Runs!