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SSX - Aloha Ice Jam
SSX - Chartertrip
SSX - Dreamers of the Dream
SSX - Drop Top Caddy

Below is the CD artwork for Hybrid's double album WIDER ANGLE – SPECIAL EDITION. It contains the full lenght Track (9:37) of "Finished Symphony," the really awesome piece one can hear in SSX when racing down Untracked. Great "mastering" job! The sound quality is incredible! It's actually quite a good album so I can only recommend you to go and buy it, and especially if you like the music in Untracked! (I found this CD early Summer 2001 in Virgin Megastore for $13.99...)

Hybrid  Double CD Cover Picture
SSX - Elysium Alps
SSX - Gin Sin
SSX - Hybrid - Finished Symphony
SSX - Merqury City Meltdown
SSX - Mesablanca
SSX - Peaktime
SSX - Pipedream
SSX - Shake What Your Mama Gave You
SSX - Slayboarder - SSX Theme
SSX - Song For Dot
SSX - Superwoman
SSX - Suprize Package
SSX - There Goes My Heart
SSX - Tokyo Megaplex
SSX - Top Bomb
SSX - Vengeance 4-4 Beat

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