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So.. Ive written a book, but?
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Author:  Yeti [ Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  So.. Ive written a book, but?

Aup :D

If you didnt know, Ive written a short story book and self published it last October called 'Tail of a Witch'. Thanks to those who have 'Liked' the Facebook site for your support :thumbsup and to those that helped more directly :D

What Im asking is - Does anyone have any ideas on how to spread the word about the hardcopy and ebook book downloads with no money for advertising?
Im using facebook but 90% of the people are sending Likes for Likes swaps.
Im using Instagram to post story related images with a link to the website but the pictures get some attention, but thats it.

My main goal is with Apple. Im trying to generate sales and good reviews in order to get on the ibookstore's main pages.

heres a link so you can see the cover and get an idea of the story

Any ideas are welcome :china

:cheers [yeti]

Author:  NA [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So.. Ive written a book, but?

Hi Yeti,

Have you been to your local privately owned bookstores? Well worth asking them to read it and give them posters/leaflets. Letting them read it for free means they can give you their thoughts and if they like it likelihood is they will recommend the hardcopy for you to their customers and buy it for stock (perhaps not loads but a few copies). That said, might not be ideal to tell them about a digital copy as they will have no interest in that.

Have you tried publishers?

Also, I hate to be THAT PERSON but your description doesn't read properly or make sense for someone wanting to pick the book up and read it (at least to me, so excuse the constructive critism).
"On Halloween night a witch named Fionn is offered a deal to cast one of Hell’s residents back into the pit, but they must be returned within 24 hours and the clock is ticking"

A: How did the resident get out of the pit in the first place? If they're a resident of hell surely they'll already be in the pit? If that's the case the "back" is not neccesary.
B: If not, what is the pit? is it something specific? I know there's an element to reading the book but the first line just doesn't work.
C: The "but they must be returned" makes it seem as though she is taking them out of the pit and putting them back into hell, but if that's the case why would she be removing them from hell in the first place? What's the purpose of it? If they're one of Hell's residents, I can't see why you would want to take them out. This first line could be worded or explained a little better.

Hope this helps, if it doesn't I apologise. Happy to read it though!

Author:  Yeti [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: So.. Ive written a book, but?

:thumbsup cheers NA,

I'll take a look at the blurb pointers and have a think about that one :yes

Publishers and Agents Ive tried a plently over the years, the self publish at least gets it up and running.

As for the more local aspect, there might be a couple of places I can try for that.

If I had a spare Id send you a hardcopy but Ive handed everything out. But thanks for the advice, Im willing to look at anything to get this off the ground :)


Author:  CurryKingDH [ Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So.. Ive written a book, but?

Someone I saw on another forum was having this problem . Their book was a crime novel based on wrestling and to gain interest he managed to get in contact with some well known wrestlers (not the top top stars but recognisable personalities) and they wrote some forewords for the book. That brought in all their fans and it snowballed into him having a load of reviews from respected people in the profession. Long story short he's on the third book, they are very successful and it is being adapted into a web series because of the amount of exposure he gained.

So in terms of your own book have you tried contacting well known authors who write within the same genre? Or perhaps small time actors who have been in productions similar to what your story would be if it were to be adapted onto the stage/tv? Even a simple tweet, or if it's possible a review/foreword, can boost your book's exposure within the market you are targeting.

It sounds like publishers and agents just mess you around so it might be of benefit to you to skip the middle man and try to get promoted by other authors.

Author:  QuotidianPerfection [ Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So.. Ive written a book, but?

Hi All:

I'm a poet instead of a novelist, and think that numerous factors, including politics, influence literary publications and rewards. For example, Allen Ginsburg's poetry, which cannot be contextualized outside the beatnik era, is vastly inferior, transcendentally speaking, to Bob Dylan's poems, even the ones written in during the hippie epoch, which, to quote Stevie Wonder's famous words during the 1992 Bob Dylan Tribute Concert, are still relevant today. Of course, individuals who control the means of production and / or possess vast sums of money necessary to bribe editors will see numerous works of theirs published in given magazine. At this moment, it is very possible that a poet at loggerheads with publishers and political organizations might die poor and unpublished; yet, archeological excavations might bring such work to the attention of poetry critics. After reading the poetry of John or Jane Doe, the literary establishment just might consider that person arguably "the greatest poet who ever lived." Hence, my advice is to write, even if the efforts do not bear much fruit, as the commercial success of a poem (or lack thereof) does not always remark upon its quality.

Take care.

Best Wishes,

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