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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:14 pm  Post subject: SSX 3 complaints and overall thoughts  
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Most people rank SSX3 as the best entry to the series, but in my opinion it lags behind tricky quite a bit.

I fail to see people bring up these shortcomings when it comes to SSX 3 and the overall enjoyment of the game. For the record, I never played blur or on tour and I'm sure I would have hated those more but that's a given considering most fans write those off and one was a wii title. So for reference, I really have only played tricky and the 2012 reboot.

Con list:
- Customization is HORRIBLE in this game.... I mean absolute trash. Most of the characters best clothing pieces are found in peak 1. Late game unlocks for getting gold/plat medals in peak 3 are downright terrible. Massive size accessories that don't make any of the characters look cool or stylish. Nothing like beating kick doubt and getting a lame gimmick accessory you will never use. Board graphic unlocks are also the worst out of any major snowboard game I have ever played including cool boarders... there is MAYBE like 4 or 5 boards in the entire game you can unlock that are somewhat cool.
- Cheat characters are not cool or fun to use. Voiceless skins you can't customize and some of them are downright terrible looking like bunny san and the other ones... were they meant to be joke characters? They put a stretch skin in the game...really???
- The fanfare and overall gushing by fans over the "immersive" 3 peak setup and how you can free ride down the mountain is laughable. As far as races go, there is only like 3 unique races you can do in the entire game. Gravitude is unique, metro city, and maybe snow jam. all the rest are ridiculously generic and boring including ALL the back country races and the peak 2 race courses. You cant even race more than 1 opponent in the back country. Now look at tricky... there was like 8 or 9 UNIQUE races including pipe dream and untracked (which was basically what fans were gushing about in this game acting like a backcountry course had never been done before) and they were all a blast to play in their own way. If your wanting to play outside of conquer the mountain mode good luck... have fun racing on snow jam and gratitude for the millionth time. For the record, what ssx 3 did with decent from peak 3 to 1 is exactly what tony hawks pro skater did in one of their games... cant remember which one but basically they put "indoor" areas between levels to make it seem like it wasn't loading but it was. In the case of ssx 3 fans seemed to ignore this fact and act like EA achieved the impossible by eliminating loading times riding down the mountain. Id rather enter a loading screen in this game then have to deal with randomly clipping a pipe or tree losing all my momentum for the thousandth time between courses while losing all my boost.
- The soundtrack is overrated. Yes it was cool hearing black eyed peas the first few times but after a while you start missing the smooth instrumentals SSX tricky had.
- The peak boss interactions were not compelling. No unique dialog between the characters. This was there way I guess of making up for the fact they essentially eliminated the rival system in tricky
- There is no replayability in the "trick" events. Big air and superpipe? Boring. Slopestyle? Also boring. No thanks on playing kick doubt for fun.
- Where is the content again? Generic courses galore! Guess ill be playing snow jam and metro city for the 1000000th time!

I get why fans like SSX 3 but to go from tricky to this product was undeniably a downgrade. Fans hated SSX 2012 deadly decent concept but it was done in ssx 3 with the LAUGHABLY bad peak 1 back country avalanche and deadly crevices up in peak 3. EA got away with it somehow here largely because they basically copied tricky's tight gameplay/controls. I actually think ssx 2012 was a better overall game than 3.

I would give tricky a 9/10 review score especially considering it was nearly a launch title for ps2/gamecube/xbox

SSX 3 gets a 5/10 for me. I get what EA big was going for here but the content and execution is SO lacking. I feel like another 8 or so unique race tracks and 5-6 more actual characters would have made this a bit better of a game but even then the game lacked a polish tricky had.

EddieWHOAchowski out :pimp

PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:44 am  Post subject: Re: SSX 3 complaints and overall thoughts  
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Hey buddy, well , looks like you have a really bad fellings about ssx3, I played the ssx 2012 a bit and a tricky too... i'm suspect to say (daaaar0 but i prefer ssx3, you're right about the tracks in ssx3 being "repetitive" , but he have A LOT of differents tricks , Monster tricks and a superp combo system , tricky are repetitive in "game sounds" , bad physics laws and music is poor compared to ssx3 and don't have Monster trick , the ssx 2012 have the best soundtrack compilation , really good physics, but are repetitive and boring in the tricks (don't have Monster tricks too) , i like of all the three games, each one have the strong point and a weak point.. but to me, in overall , ssx3 is still better, but i love trick and 2012 too... about the oufits in ssx3 i like some of then , but i know that a lot of then are just like a "joke" to be funny, nothing more...

btw, you think that have any chance of an new SSX game in the future?

obs:sorry for the bad inglish i have really sort time...

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:42 pm  Post subject: Re: SSX 3 complaints and overall thoughts  
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Your english is fine...I understood you for the most part.

The monster tricks in SSX 3 are not unique tricks though. You just spin a few times doing an uber trick and the announcer goes "MONSTER TRRRICK". :lol no different than landing a "misty" or "disco dancer"...its not really a trick more so than a set number of air rotations in sequence.

The fact that SSX 3 essentially copy pasted the graphics and physics from tricky and made some questionable decisions that in my view were a significant downgrade I'm just not a fan. Its hypocritical when fans of ssx3 also bash ssx 2012 and say the game was too realistic, mountains were trash etc. when SSX3 was guilty of all those things...EA Big just got away with it because they copy pasted tricky's gameplay.

In any event... no I don't think we will ever see another NEW SSX. Im not sure what the sales were on SSX 2012 but the game died extremely quickly online and no one cared about the mount eddie DLC. For games to get released now I think developers/publishers are prioritizing DLC packages and how to milk the game beyond launch...SSX doesn't really fit that bill unless they went the Steep route and made it an online MMO type game where all the accessories were paid.

Unless the SSX franchise rights landed in the hands of an indie developer I don't think EA will do anything. If EA DOES do something...expect the new SSX to basically be an MMO where you have to pay real life money to get any accessories or clothing items. I have no idea how well Steep did but considering its been free on XBL/PSN a few times I don't think snowboarding games have much of a future in general. Nothing like another tricky in any event

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