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Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:55 am

So I've been puzzling around with a fun little thing that I believe accurately (somewhat - a thing like this can never be completely accurate) represents a person's skill in various areas of SSX 3.

Before I do anything more with it, I would like to test it out. The best way of doing that, is to ask you guys to give me a list of your personal bests in both racing and freestyling, to find out how the index acts. If that little test proves successful, I'll make an actual index and a proper ranking system of it. As many scores as you know is ideal, even if they aren't exactly top tier! This is just a test for now, after all. Please be truthful, as lying about your scores could throw the testing phase off.

Please do not submit scores/times using the rail glitch or early exit (finishing at a track you wouldn't normally) strats of any kind. All other tactics are okay.

FOR RACES: If you have a PB in multiple categories, please state them all! For instance: Snow Jam 2:32 (Clean), 2:24 (Wormhole). Specify if your Metro-City time is with or without phone booths.

Please put PBs here: (If you do not have anything to put, please state the reason, such as "not played", "forgotten" etc.)

Snow Jam:
Happiness Race:
Peak 1 Race:
Ruthless Ridge:
Ruthless Race:
Peak 2 Race:
The Throne Race:
All Peak Race:

Crow's Nest:
The Junction:
Happiness Jam:
Peak 1 Jam:
Style Mile:
Launch Time:
Ruthless Jam:
Peak 2 Jam:
Kick Doubt:
Throne Jam:
All Peak Jam:

Thanks for helping out, I hope this will become an interesting project! If you have any questions, please ask!

Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:01 pm

I'm not sure if I agree with ignoring times that use alternative finishes. I think that any times that are allowed on the scoreboard should be allowed here. The scoreboard allows all glitches for peak events (except for the rail glitch on peak jam events).

Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:08 pm

Kubi wrote:I'm not sure if I agree with ignoring times that use alternative finishes. I think that any times that are allowed on the scoreboard should be allowed here. The scoreboard allows all glitches for peak events (except for the rail glitch on peak jam events).

I see your point, and that is how the index will be eventually if it turns out this system works, but for the time being, early exit strats throw the system off pretty badly. For this testing phase, if these strats were allowed, it would lose a lot of legitiimacy. But yes, in the final, finished rendition, early exits will be ok! Feel free to submit them for peak events alongside other, rule-abiding scores/times, so that when I can open up for early exit strats, it will be easy to make the conversion.

Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:18 pm

Well, this is going to have a lot of holes in it, but it's a start for the index. I can edit this later to put in scores or times i've just forgotten.

Oh, 'glitches' implies wormholes and XXXXXX really just means i don't remember / don't know.

Snow Jam: 2:22 (clean) / 2:10 (glitches)
Metro-City: 2:05 (clean) / 1:45 (phone booths)
Happiness Race: 2:22 (clean) / 1:57 (glitches)
Peak 1 Race: 8:49 (clean) / XXXX
Ruthless Ridge: 2:13 (clean) / 1:52 (glitches)
Intimidator: 2:25 (clean) / 1:34 (glitches)
Ruthless Race: 2:36 (clean) / 2:14 (glitches)
Peak 2 Race: XXXX / XXXX
Gravitude: 2:20 (clean) / 1:55 (glitches)
The Throne Race: 2:11 (clean) / 1:15 (glitches)
All Peak Race: 19:16 (clean) / XXXX

R&B: 4,500,661
Crow's Nest: 1,084,046
The Junction: 3,308,400
Happiness Jam: XXXXXXX
Style Mile: 6,161,921
Launch Time: 1,200,000 (don't exactly remember, but i think 898ppp said i barely wasn't in the top 20 on this site).
Schizophrenia: 2,910,829
Ruthless Jam: XXXXXXXXX
Kick Doubt: 4,208,498
Much-2-Much: XXXXXXXX
Perpendiculous: 4,189,211
Throne Jam: XXXXXXXX
All Peak Jam: XXXXXXXX

Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:00 am

Hi 898ppp, maybe you already know but you can know PBs for every user by clicking their names in the scoreboard, eg for yours : http://www.merqurycity.com/ssx_forum/scoreboard.php?&u=3041

There is not any distinct categories or anything, but I hope that helps.

Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:12 am

Most people don't submit every best to the scoreboard. I, for example, only submit the ones I feel are competitive with the rest of the scores there.

I will send my other bears through when I get back from town. :)

Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:47 pm

Here are my sub-par records. (Note: I don't play race much.) (Another note: these are in the records thread as well.)

Snow Jam: X:XX
Metro-City: X:XX
Happiness Race: X:XX
Peak 1 Race: X:XX
Ruthless Ridge: X:XX
Intimidator: X:XX
Ruthless Race: X:XX
Peak 2 Race: X:XX
Gravitude: 2:32(?)
The Throne Race: X:XX
All Peak Race: X:XX

Crow's Nest: 354,180
The Junction: 1,103,192
Happiness Jam: XXXXXXXX
Peak 1 Jam: XXXXXXXX
Style Mile: 1,614,406
Launch Time: 377,372
Schizophrenia: 829,362
Ruthless Jam: XXXXXXXX
Peak 2 Jam: XXXXXXXX
Kick Doubt: XXXXXXX
Much-2-Much: 386,799
Perpendiculous: 1,221,471
Throne Jam: XXXXXXXX
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