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Tue May 19, 2015 5:39 am

Hey guys!

I just wondered if there is anyone who knows if there is 3D models of the characters from any SSX game. I've searched and haven't found any.
I suppose the official models aren't out anywhere, but any fan-made or such would be cool.

Tue May 19, 2015 2:52 pm

Unless they are already in the gallery I don't recall seeing anything, this would make a nice addition to the gallery if any can be found :)

Wed May 20, 2015 3:04 am

I would love to get my hands on a .obj file from any game and character. :thumbsup I hope someone has taken the time model something. From my searches I haven't found anything.

Because everyone wants to see a SSX music video with Missy Elliot again :pimp

Tue May 26, 2015 6:42 am

I guess it would be possible to extract some files from the discs? I'm not sure how to do it though, but I guess that's what other people do when they export skins from video game characters to GTA for example.

Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:36 am

I managed to rip the models of SSX 3 and SSX tricky with two software Ninja Ripper and Dolphin I can send you the models if you want
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