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Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:54 pm

TM Glitch Explained:

Again guys, sorry about the ass-quality and shitty editing. :heh

I made this video to show how to glitch through laps 1 & 2 on the original SSX. What I don't mention in the video is 1 other option to glitch past the first two laps. This is because it's a very rare occurrence, and I only had a limited amount of time to make the video. If you get lucky when going for the *bounce* version of the glitch (the correct way), you may some times not bounce at all, and be quickly reset to the bottom of the fan. This places you right outside the fan and you enter it almost immediately. This again registers the lap as completed. This is rare, but the only way to get much faster than 1:50 mark. This is because the bouncing method eats up so much time.

However, for my 1:41.30 run, I only performed this way once, and once with the bounce method. So the time can be drastically improved, for any one with the patience to try. :D

Also is it possible to do it the "Tricky" way? Yes it is. You must do it on the left side of the fan, however it is very hard to do. And in the end, you run into the same problem that the game doesn't care that you cross the finish line, it cares that you cross the finish line on Lap 3. So it's still useless.

To view a full race with the glitch (2:06.63), check the new master run thread I made with my other runs. It is now listed at the bottom.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.
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