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Wed Apr 13, 2022 3:00 am

Well hello there you awesome MerqCity peeps... Been a long while since I was here. 2017 was my last post to be exact Hope everyone is doing well?

So SSX 2012 happened 10 years ago & that's when I found this awesome sight & might I add meeting some awesome peeps... I do miss ya'll.

So I've managed to survive Covid, not sure if I ever had it tbh... & by "survive" I mean the either not getting it or getting a mild form that didn't concern me if it was or wasn't. Surviving the lockdowns & economic outcomes is another story though to be discussed over a few beers, whick I can't afford & looking for a sponsor. :heh Also turned the big 50 in Jan & my youngest of 3 finished school last year, so no school runs this year is friggin' awesome! :woot

Keep well & catch ya'll on the slopes hopefully in the future! :D
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