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PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 9:20 pm  Post subject: Timeline of the SSX series (Updated)  
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This timeline is made by me. I've spent lots of time gathering information about this in the games. Please do not steal this timeline and upload it somewhere else without crediting me.

The timeline uses the first game as a basis, which takes place in the year of 2000, the same year in which the game came out. Then I've looked and compared the age of the characters presented in their profiles to figure out how much time that passes between the games. At first glance, it's actually quite surprising how much thought EA gave into the age of the characters in-between the games - Most characters' age actually line up pretty well with the year the games should take place in. Between SSX and SSX Tricky most characters age 1 year, which makes sense since the games came out one year apart. Although there are some characters whose aging processes are confusing (Kaori for example ages 2 years between SSX and SSX Tricky, whereas JP doesn't age at all but stays the same), however, for the sake of easement I've still decided to follow the original intention of having SSX Tricky take place 1 year after the events of the first game. JP and Kaori's confusing ages could easily be explained by them being born in a very early or late month of the year.

SSX Blur is the only game which doesn't take place in the same year as it was released, since the characters' ages are exactly +1 from SSX 3 and -1 from SSX On Tour.

In SSX3, we get to see trading cards for each character dating all the way back to the first SSX game. Through the trading cards, we learn that characters reach the rank of "Veteran" once they enter their third SSX tournament. Since Jurgen and Hiro are described as veterans on their respective trading cards for SSX, it means that there has been at least 2 previous SSX tournaments before the one that takes place in the original game.

Additionally, I've decided to completely disregard the ending credits of SSX On Tour that explained what happens to the characters after the tour, since I got the impression that those were not serious and just played for jokes.

I've also discovered that the timeline makes for some very interesting theories regarding the various circuits, and how future games could expand on these. The most interesting part is that there is a two year gap between SSX Tricky and SSX 3. DJ Atomika states in SSX 3 that it took around 2 years to turn the BIG mountain into a SSX circuit, but I'd like to imagine that this means there was a third world circuit in the year of 2002, which could potentially be used as a basis for a future SSX game.


- Paul Moreau, the grandfather of Alex Moreau, competes in the 1924 Winter Olympics

- Jurgen Angermann is born

- Brodi Ford is born

- Psymon Stark is born in Squamish, British Columbia

- Jean-Paul Arsenault is born
- Seeiah Owens is born

- Elise Riggs is born
- Nate Logan is born

- Sid is born

- Hiro Karamatsu is born
- Luther-Dwayne Grady is born

- Marty Stieber is born

- Zoe Payne is born in Baltimore, Maryland
- Maya Nolet is born
- Marty Stieber moves with family to Germany

- Moby Jones is born in Brixton, England
- Eddie Wachowski is born

- Marisol Diez Delgado is born

- Kaori Nishidake is born
- Viggo Rolig is born

- Mac Fraser is born
- Allegra Sauvagess is born
- Tyson Logan is born
- Felix Lévesque is born
- Alex Moreau is born in Chamonix, France

- Skye Simms is born in Gold Coast, Australia

- Griff Simmons is born

- Psymon Stark moves to Whistler
- Moby Jones picks up skateboarding at the age of 10

- Unknown SSX tournament takes place
- Jurgen and Hiro make their SSX debuts

- Unknown SSX tournament takes place

- SSX World Circuit
(events of SSX)
- Elise, Zoe, JP, Kaori, Mac and Moby make their SSX debuts

- SSX World Circuit II
(events of SSX Tricky)
- Psymon, Brodi, Eddie, Marisol, Seeiah, Luther and Marty make their SSX debuts

- Unknown SSX tournament takes place

- The SSX Big Mountain Tour
(events of SSX 3)
- Nate, Allegra, Griff and Viggo make their SSX debuts

- The SSX Big Mountain Tour II
(events of SSX Blur)
- Feix, Maya, and Skye make their SSX debuts

- SSX On Tour
(events of SSX on Tour)
- Sid and Tyson make their SSX debuts

- No SSX tournaments took place

- Team SSX presents: The Deadly Descents
(events of SSX 2012)
- Tane, Alex and Ty make their SSX debuts

2017-06-28: Added lots of new information about the characters' birth years.

2018-01-20: Added SSX debuts for each character

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