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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 5:48 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Mon Oct 20, 2003 8:46 am
Rank: Champ
Location: under a dead ohio sky
Name: Brandon
Age: 23
Vertical: 6-5 tied for tallest
Mass: 275 all muscle baby. gamer stuck in a linebackers body.
Nationality: American
AKA: B, B. Ware(my actual last name, i think my partent were drunk and thought it would be funny, especially since my middle initial is E, BEWare....)
Stance: cant snowboard, used to ski till my feet got too big. 16's booo..
Blood Type: Lesbian?

One Liner: Gary Coleman is god! :heh

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: females (gotta love the ladies)
Thing To Hate: people with stupid believes and ideas that dont listen to reason or logic.
Place To Ride: i like to session in the bedroom.
Riding Partner: Little bro (18)
Victim: Little bro
Other Sport: Backyard Football runningback-linebacker, thats when my friends actually call me b.ware
Trick: the Lay-Z-Boy with a bottle of jack in hand.
SSX Event: all peak jam
Secret Spot: its a place where everybody knows your name..... :cheers
Food: anything chicken...preferaby with honey mustard. lots of protein, cant stay big without the protien.
Accessory: Meshuggah Hoodie, dont leave home without it.
Career Highlight: gettin drunk with pantera after a show...

"Don't ask me to lose cause im born now to win, and im building this mountain from outside within. All you outsiders, you haters, you liars, you're time is just counting so come meet the mountain. Move fast, cause the time is short." (Devil Driver)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2003 9:19 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Wed Oct 15, 2003 9:29 am
Rank: Contender
Location: Canada
Name: bashwright
Age: 15
Vertical: not sure...
Mass: Enough
Nationality: Canadian
Stance: normal... I hope.
Blood Type: ...

One Liner: Your mom!

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Skiing and paintball
Thing To Hate:
Place To Ride: Martock
Riding Partner: My relatives
Victim: Hmm...
Other Sport: paintball
SSX Event: Race
Secret Spot: Back country
Food: pizza
Accessory: ...
Career Highlight: None... :(


PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2003 11:32 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sun Oct 26, 2003 11:20 am
Rank: Master
That's Right...I'm finally back (after being suspiciously missing for 2 months...)

Name: DDRKirby(ISQ)
Age: 14
Vertical: 10 seconds on Pipedream (SSX Tricky)
Mass: *Error divide by zero*
Nationality: American
Stance: One foot on, one foot off.
Blood Type: Red, with a tint of yellow.

One Liner:

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX Tricky
Thing To Hate: Unlaziness
Place To Ride: Garibaldi
Riding Partner: [Classified]
Victim: My hand.
Other Sport: DDR (duh, I mean...DDRKirby...)
Trick: F??? (the trick beyond ???)
SSX Event: Showoff
Secret Spot: Someplace where no one comes in and no one gets out.
Food: My hand (see Victim)
Accessory: Hair
Career Highlight: Getting Mac stuck in a painful position.


Click here for my Bandcamp page!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2003 7:02 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Thu Oct 23, 2003 12:38 pm
Rank: Contender
Location: Dallas, TX
Name: Stormwalker
Age: 28
Vertical: 6'3"
Mass: 280, working on bringing that down some
Nationality: American
AKA: Douglas, Stormy (to some online friends)
Stance: Pre-wound (or maybe overwound...)
Blood Type: Heck if I know.

One Liner: Knowledge is power. Language is torque.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Jesus (yes, I mean that.) Also writing fiction.
Thing To Hate: writer's block, being ill (like I am at the time of writing)
Place To Ride: Ruthless
Riding Partner: Solo mostly so far
Victim: n/a
Other Sport: Football, Hockey
Trick: Katana
SSX Event: Race
Secret Spot: A universe that exists only in my head, waiting to be transferred to paper...
Food: BBQ ribs
Accessory: laptop
Career Highlight: I'd like to think I haven't gotten there yet.

(Edit: Corrected a typo.)

"Fanatics find their heaven in never-ending storming winds." -- "Key of the Twilight", .hack//SIGN

Last edited by Stormwalker on Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:39 am, edited 1 time in total.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2003 8:46 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Wed Oct 22, 2003 6:00 am
Rank: Newbie
Hello everyone,

I don't have time to fill out the official introduction form, but I wanted to say Hi!!!

I've been lurking around here for the past few days, and I just want to say that this seems like a good board to be a part of.

I'm pretty good at SSX 3 so far, but not nearly as good as some of you.

I'll stop back and introduce myself better when I have more time.


Rush Rules

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2003 10:52 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Mon Oct 27, 2003 10:51 am
Rank: Contender
Location: Canada
Hey everone! I also don't have the time to do the inro thing...but I just wanted to say hi. so...

Hi. :heh

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 5:24 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Tue Oct 28, 2003 4:01 am
Rank: Newbie
Location: Netherlands
Name: Marty
Age: 28
Vertical: 6'2"
Mass: ? (enough, i'd say)
Nationality: Dutch
AKA: Remko
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: Red

One Liner: If at first you don't succeed, try falling down again.

Rider Faves: Marty / Kaori / Psymon

Thing In The World: Smiles
Thing To Hate: Ignorance
Place To Ride: Garibaldi,
Riding Partner: Brother in law (aka, annoying-home-intruder :))
Victim: Same
Other Sport: None at the moment
Trick: Any trick i can land.
SSX Event: Showoff
Secret Spot: Still looking...
Food: Itallian, Chinese
Accessory: glasses, cap sometimes
Career Highlight: None so far, trying to break 1 mil. on all courses. (no luck yet ...)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:20 pm  Post subject:   
Joined: Tue Oct 28, 2003 5:37 pm
Rank: Master
Location: London...
PSN: Rynostar
Hey! I'm New. Here's my stats

Name: Rynostar
Age: 18
Vertical: 6"
Mass: Lbs or KGs? 180 lbs
Nationality: Canada
AKA: Ryno
Stance: Don't know
Blood Type: Red Cells and White Cells

One Liner: It's A tough Job But Someones Got To Do It

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Djing and Playing Games
Things To Hate: Food I don't Like, Most Pop and Rap Music
Place To Ride: Anywhere On Peak 1
Riding Partner: Best Friend (He's a Psymon Freak)
Victim: Other Friend
Other Sport: Hockey, Soccer, Baseball
Trick: dnL Flip
SSX Event: Slopestyle and Big Air
Secret Spot: I'm not telling You...
Food: Spicy, Italian, And Tacos
Accessories: Headphones, Necklaces, Brain
Career Highlight: So Far: In SSX: just playing
In Life: Probably Graduating from High school

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:23 pm  Post subject:   
Joined: Tue Oct 28, 2003 5:58 pm
Rank: Natural
Location: Australia
Name: perisherblue
Age: 25
Vertical: 5'10
Mass: 160
Nationality: Australian
AKA: Tony
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: O

One Liner: These stats go to 11.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX 3
Thing To Hate: Getting Marty instead of Mac in PAL SSX Tricky
Place To Ride: Elysium Alps
Riding Partner: Elise
Victim: The friend who introduced me to SSX
Other Sport: Gym
Trick: Any spinning, flipping uber
SSX Event: Boardercross
Secret Spot: Dunno
Food: Subway
Accessory: Hair product?
Career Highlight: I filled a few lowly places on the SSX Tricky scoreboard once...

PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2003 7:47 am  Post subject:   
Joined: Wed Oct 29, 2003 7:15 am
Rank: Newbie
Name: adora
Age: 24
Vertical: 5'5"
Nationality: american
AKA: um... adora
Stance: hmmm... my stance on ssx 3 is it pwns
Blood Type: AGAIN WHY!!

One Liner: RAR!

Rider Faves: Kaori / Zoe

Favorite Stuff:
Thing In The World: Video Games
Thing To Hate: idiots
Place To Ride: Elysium Alps... although I'm beginning to like the big air events in SSX 3 :)
Riding Partner: Me
Victim: um, anyone but me
Other Sport: DAOC... does that count?
Trick: Uber ones
SSX Event: Big Air/Pipes
Secret Spot: hmmm....
Food: Anything... did I mention I'm hungry?
Accessory: i don't understand the question
Career Highlight: so far 951k on perpendicular... i don't see how you all break a million :p Oh, and i got 1.6 million on elysium alps once.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2003 6:59 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sun Nov 02, 2003 6:31 am
Rank: Master
Name: Midian

Last edited by Midian on Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:03 pm, edited 1 time in total.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:29 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Mon Nov 03, 2003 4:49 am
Rank: Newbie
Location: UK
Hi all, you've got a really good site here. I got fed up playing Tricky after a while because I didn't have anyone to compete against or any scores to strive to. But I reckon I've found that here :) So SSX3 is going to get plenty of playtime :D

Name: Rob
Age: 23
Vertical: 6'1"
Mass: 140lb
Nationality: British
AKA: Riskbreaker
EA Online alias: AgentRiot
Stance: If I actually boarded, probably face down in the snow :)
Blood Type: B-

One Liner: "No regrets"

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: plenty to love .....
Thing To Hate: plenty to dislike .....
Place To Ride: Ruthless Ridge
Riding Partner: My brother (big Moby fan)
Victim: You, if you hit me when we leave the starting gates.
Other Sport(s): If relaxing was a sport I'd be a pro.
Trick: Mattrickulator and Svelton
SSX Event: Race
Secret Spot: You did say secret right?
Food: where?
Accessory: Neck chain with sword shaped pendant
Career Highlight: working on it .... did get placed top on Europe scoreboard for Ruthless Ridge race last night, but it was a poor time compared to the US scoreboards so it'll be knocked off soon.

EA Online nick - AgentRiot

PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2003 1:50 am  Post subject: Wonder's Intro to the boards  
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Joined: Fri Nov 07, 2003 1:18 am
Rank: Rookie
Location: Austin, Tx
Greets to the message board. My name is wonderwes, I am a long time SSX old schooled veteran but just recently found this message board. I think this is quite an exciting time now that SSX3 has online play. My friend argues that his Xbox can't play SSX3 online. Oh well, down with Xbox anyways.

If you haven't seen the specs of the PSX in Japan (will probably be named the ps3 next year) it is crazy. DVD burner, TV tuner with built in Tivo, 80 or 120 gig HD, and ethernet.

If you see me online, challenge me. Tell me you met me off the site.

My skill at this game? Quite good. I am not around the high scores I see posted, but I can make a few runs. I can't believe someone has 3.2 million on Girabaldi on SSX Tricky. We only got to around 2.56 mil.

Name: wonderwes
Age: 24
Vertical: Is this a trick question?
Location: Austin, Tx
Nationality: Texan
Favorite sports team: Houston Rockets
Favorite Band: DMB
One Liner: "All I got in this world is my word and my balls, and I don't break them for no one, okay?" - Scarface

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: besides SSX3, playing poker
SSX rider: Mac
Thing To Hate: class, the man, Walmart
Place To Ride: Mercury City
Food: Tacos
Good trick: Got a defective ps2? You be amazed what you can exchange at Walmart.

--- Wonderwes

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:13 pm  Post subject:   
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Joined: Wed Nov 05, 2003 8:26 am
Rank: Rookie
Location: London
Name: Zoe(tm)
Age: 16
Vertical: 6'3
Mass: 160
Nationality: English
AKA: David
Stance: Regular
Blood Type: A

One Liner: That's Craptastic.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX 3
Thing To Hate: Certain People....
Place To Ride: Snowjam
Riding Partner: Zoe, Mac
Victim: Elise
Other Sport: Basketball
Trick: Double backflip
SSX Event: ?
Secret Spot: ?
Food: Pizza, pasta
Accessory: Sunglasses
Career Highlight: I beat SSX and Tricky :heh


PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 3:30 pm  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sun Nov 09, 2003 3:06 pm
Rank: Master
Location: Wimbledon, UK
I be new here :D

Name: Corin
Age: 13
Vertical: 163cm
Mass: 68 kilos of pure, um, muscle!
Nationality: English
AKA: Coz
Stance: I don't go on those things! They move when you stand on them! Ahhh!
Blood Type: um... red?

One Liner: Can someone help me up?

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Pie
Thing To Hate: Stupid People
Place To Ride: Anywhere without snow... :yes
Riding Partner: Someone I can lean on :heh
Victim: So many victims... :devil
Other Sports: Table tennis, squash and football (soccer)
Trick: Experimental Air, what else?
SSX Event: under 5's
Secret Spot: Just below my left ear
Food: pie
Accessory: Pimp hat! :pimp
Career Highlight: Looking at the track without puking. :wink


PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:18 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Mon Nov 10, 2003 9:29 am
Rank: Master
Location: The Pit of Hell (Amagasaki)
Name: Krycek
Age: 28
Vertical: 174
Mass: 70kg + Asahi
Nationality: None
AKA: nikku88
Stance: face down
Blood Type: Beer

One Liner: I'm not witty enough for this.

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Girls
Thing To Hate: Natto
Place To Ride: Happiness
Riding Partner: Kaori
Victim: Viggo
Other Sport: Baseball
Trick: 180
SSX Event: Metro City
Secret Spot: Izakaya
Food: Sashimi and Pizza (No, not together)
Accessory: Headphones
Career Highlight: Playing too much SSX3, making my hands hurt more than they have since I was 13. :heh

Still calling Michael Jackson the King of Pop is like calling Gerald Ford the President of the United States.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 11:11 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Tue Nov 11, 2003 9:53 am
Rank: Newbie
Location: Peak 2
:pimp Hey y'all, here's a lowdown on moi:

Name: EliseDaBomb (coz she is!)
Age: 28
Vertical: Not Sure
Mass: :wtf
Nationality: :frusty
AKA: ratlover
Stance: Holding a mug of coffee
Blood Type: Coffee

One Liner: Let's Get It On!

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX3
Thing To Hate: Can't think of any
Place To Ride: Schizo ..
Riding Partner: Mac
Victim: Psymon
Other Sport: Mountain Biking
Trick: Flipping & Spinning
SSX Event: Metro City
Secret Spot: hmm ...
Food: Japanese
Accessory: iPod
Career Highlight: SSX Addict (It's a Good Thing!) :yes

PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 7:14 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Mon Nov 03, 2003 5:13 am
Rank: Master
Location: oUtta mY MinD
Name: Tope
Age: 20
Vertical: 6' 0
Mass: 82kg
Nationality: Brit
AKA: The Mysterious Blade 14
Stance: Don't care
Blood Type: How the hell should I know, Not important

One Liner: You were good kid real good,

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Girls who play games!
Thing To Hate: Wiping out at the end of a record breakin run
Place To Ride: Intimidator
Riding Partner: Zoe, Elise, Zoe again!
Victim: Viggo, Kaori, LUTHER!!!
Other Sport: Basketball
Trick: Misty 1800, with Meatballed Spaghetti
SSX Event: Superpipe
Secret Spot: Not tellin, can't
Food: Pizza all the way
Accessory: Huh?
Career Highlight: Seein the SSX3 trailer (not very interestin I know)

'I'm going be as forthcoming as i can be Mr Anderson, your here because we need you,' ZIIIIIIP *u dont wanna know the rest*

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:10 am  Post subject:   
gondee's FAQ writer
User avatar
Joined: Thu Nov 06, 2003 9:03 pm
Rank: gondee's FAQ writer
Location: in the bottom of that one crevasse
Name: laidback0378
Age: 25
Mass: no, I don't attend....
Nationality: American
AKA: puffy, ryan
Stance: bowlegged
Blood Type: once fainted while watching medical channel... :)
One Liner: "Team Ramrod!"


Thing in the world: other people (some anyways)
Thing to hate: playing ssx when I should be doing something else
Place to ride: Beaver Creek, CO
Riding Partner: haven't made it online yet....
Victim: hopefully when i do it usually won't be me....
Other sports: skiing, chess, basketball
Trick: not wrecking at 60 mph on skis
SSX event: racing of course!
Secret Spot: yours
Food: hibatchi anything!
Accessory: prescription sunglasses
Career Highlight: 3 time quake fragfest monthly champion on ('97)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 8:57 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Tue Oct 14, 2003 9:32 pm
Rank: Master
Location: Middle East
Name: Axeman20
Age: 15
Vertical: 5 feet i think...
Mass: 50kg?
Nationality: Filipino (soon 2 b australian :yes )
AKA: Axeman, Smartguy, AJ
Stance: Regular (though sometimes im a bit goofy :wink )
Blood Type: No idea :heh maybe O?

One Liner: Think before you act

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Snowboarding
Thing To Hate: Brocolli
Place To Ride: Garibaldi
Riding Partner: My bro probably
Victim: My other bro :heh
Other Sport: Football (otherwise known as Soccer in america)
Trick: BS Misty with Nifty Shifty duh
SSX Event: Superpipe :cheers
Secret Spot: No idea.. maybe
Food: Sphagetti (i really dig italian foods :heh )
Accessory: An axe duh...
Career Highlight: Beating mr bro's time again.. and again.. and again...

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 3:58 pm  Post subject:   
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Joined: Tue Nov 18, 2003 8:54 am
Rank: Rookie
Location: Norway
Name: Anders
Age: 14
Vertical: dunno
Mass: dunno
Nationality: Norwegian
Stance: regular
Blood Type: dunno

One Liner: I dont give up without a fight

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX
Thing To Hate: Stupid People
Place To Ride: Happiness and Ruthless
Riding Partner: No idea
Victim: hmmm
Other Sport: skateboarding
Trick: ???
SSX Event: Racing
Secret Spot: No secret spot
Food: Pizza, hamburgers and uh...
Career Highlight: Keep winning when I'm online :yes

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:06 pm  Post subject:   
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Joined: Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:28 pm
Rank: Master
Location: Gare D' Europa
PSN: RocketCat
Name: NightCrawler (leader of FWS)
Age: 17
Height: hmm... 6,5
Mass: 125
Nationality: Danish
AKA: Frederik (Nickname::: (the stupid)Goldfish)
Stance: Goofy, IRL
Blood Type: hmm..... dunno

One Liner: ???

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: SSX Tricky/life
Thing To Hate: to loose, ppl who think there are sumthin' they are not!
Place To Ride: Garibaldi
Riding Partner: Bodi!
Victim: JP
Other Sport: Moutain Biking
Trick: Hanh-10 backflip frontflip
SSX Event: Showoff
Secret Spot: not telling you! (it wouldent be a secret then :poke )
Food: ANYTHIN' covered in/with Chocolaed'/sugar :heh
Accessory: G-shock (watch)
Career Highlight: Playing SSX Tricky :china


Last edited by NightCrawler on Wed Dec 31, 2003 5:01 pm, edited 1 time in total.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2003 2:09 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sat Nov 22, 2003 12:01 am
Rank: Newbie
Dude, serendipity kicks ass. I just stumbled across this board the other day in my random wandering of the internet, and I wish I'd found it much sooner. Coolness ensues.

Name: Joe
Age: 21 (as of 12/18/2002)
Height: 6 foot even (didn't know they stacked it that high!)
Mass: ...times the speed of light squared? (around 160 lbs.?)
Nationality: American mutt (mostly Swiss-German / Cherokee)
AKA: Nash, Floss, Buddha
Stance: None. I live in Florida. (Goofy, when I have snow on which to board.)
Blood Type: Type O Negative (makes good music... heh)

One Liner: How many boards could the mongols hoard if the mongol hordes got bored?

Rider Faves
Thing In The World: Hm... drawing... or writing...? And music.
Thing To Hate: People who hate things. Wait a minute... aw... crap.
Place To Ride: Anywhere that's not Florida, much to my chagrin.
Riding Partner: Allegra (or my girlfriend... who plays Allegra exclusively... ironic?)
Victim: Nobody yet, but watch your back... muahahahahaa!
Other Sport: Fencing -- white picket, chain link, and barbed wire. (No, really, fencing, like with a suit and mask and pointy stabbing implement.)
Trick: "Not falling down", that's a good one for me...
SSX Event: Superpipe in the hizzy! Fo' shizzle.
Secret Spot: My top-secret underground lair from which I plot world domination! ...wait, I don't have a secret lair? Damn. Never mind, then.
Food: Cheesecake
Accessory: Fingerless gloves over skintight gloves
Career Highlight: Probably this. Or this?

Now excuse me while I go kill myself for saying "hizzy". :heh

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2003 2:15 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sun Oct 12, 2003 1:26 am
Rank: Master
Location: Bryant, AR
XBL: RazorbackKing
/\ This guy rules, I like him already!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2003 2:28 am  Post subject:   
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Joined: Sat Nov 22, 2003 12:01 am
Rank: Newbie
Thanks, man. The old standard "takes one to know one" applies here too -- you people rule, every last one of you. Until I found this place, I never really thought there were other SSX fans out there who had a more intelligent take on it than "it's just another sports game"... and once I got here, I read through various large chunks of the boards before registering... meant to stop earlier and register, but I got caught up in reading through what all you people had posted. I mean, hell, you even have a Merqury City fan-story in the works, with established members of the forums being written into it (at least, their theoretical pro boarder representations). That's just plain cool.

Y'know, if ever you need artists...

I'm already thinking of illustrating (likely in SD/chibi style) Dreaming Gamer's "SSX Moments" stories, as a series of newspaper-strip-style comics, as soon as I find the impetus to pick up a pencil and start scribbling again. I think Krystony proposed the idea, and I apologize in advance for stealing it, but it didn't seem anyone had actually picked up on it yet.

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