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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:06 am  Post subject: SSX Review round up  
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ImageNow that there's been time for pretty much all gaming websites to give their say about the new SSX game, we take a look at what some of them had to say.

Currently, on Metacritic, the game has an 83 average on the 360, and 84 out of 100 on PS3.

We look at some of the opinions and quotes after the jump.


One of the main criticisms around the game has been the difficulty of some courses and how punishing it can be to rewind on races due to it. Some (and sometimes even all) of the deadly descents were criticized too, sometimes said to be uninspired or dull, namely the thin air deadly descent. Another criticism has been DDs often deviate too much from the usual SSX formula fans are used to, or take it away totally in some cases.

Not everyone was negative about DDs though. Various websites enjoyed the wingsuit, and thought the gravity DD provided some great alternative gameplay. Many thought most of the DDs were a nice challenge that provided a third gameplay choice within the game, introducing a new aspect, survival, while keeping racing and tricking featured a lot in the game.

Global events were praised in most of the reviews, as was RiderNet. The lack of traditional multiplayer was seen as a drawback, but multiplayer as a whole got positive feedback from the press.

Most of the press seemed to agree that graphics were good, but the audio was excellent.

In general, as the Metacritic scores indicate, SSX has gotten generally favorable reviews from the press. Here are some quotes from it:

TeamXbox wrote:
The game's art style went more realistic this time around, and it looks fantastic. The amount of detail put into the environments is incredibly impressive and only helps intensify the immersion when you're rushing down Mount Everest at high speeds.

Game Trailers wrote:
Some [DDs] are clever, like having to ride in the light to keep from freezing to death. And then there are pointless additions like the annoying pulse goggles. These deadly descents represent the bosses in the game and provide the most unique gameplay opportunities, but they're not especially difficult, and zap SSX of its all-out attitude.

Gamespot wrote:
It's the risk-versus-reward element of tricking that makes it so exciting. When you catch big air, you want to trick as long as you can to maximize your boost (and your points, if it's a trick event), but if you hold it for just an instant too long, you wipe out when you hit the ground, and all your tricking was for naught.

Eurogamer wrote:
But the game is most innovative and exciting in its competitive multiplayer mode. Rather than joining a lobby in order to compete with others, you choose an event from the SSX globe, pay the 'Drop Cost' from your current winnings and compete against up to 100,000 other players asynchronously. It's wonderful design, one of the most exciting and fresh seen since EA's Autolog.

Giant Bomb wrote:
SSX certainly has its moments of frustration. There are certain courses that seem to have been designed with the maximum potential for controller-throwing rage in mind. This becomes especially true during the game's "deadly descents," courses that are purely about survival above all else. These courses are, of course, extremely tricky, and often involve quite a bit of accidental death. You'll have a bit of that on the less-deadly descents too, but the ones stamped as deadly practically require rote memorization of the course to survive, especially in the later stages of the game.

OXM wrote:
The poster child for these Deadly Descents is Gravity, in which you don a wingsuit and soar over gaping chasms to defy certain death. It’s fun, fast, and fits right in alongside breakdancing snowboarders. Unfortunately, for every “fun” Descent, you’ll find two painful ones.

Inc Gamers wrote:
As with most EA games, this title has an exceptionally high standard of presentation. Graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The subtle colour palette allows each mountain to feel unique, without ever feeling alien.

Joystiq wrote:
When SSX wasn't trying its best to push me away, I loved every minute of it. From a mechanical perspective, it's the best treatment the "extreme sports" genre has received on the current generation of systems thus far. Unfortunately, it's wrapped in a dirty old program from X-Games '98 and punctuated with frustrating moments. With such a great base, I'm hoping the next SSX is everything this one could have been.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:59 pm  Post subject: Re: SSX Review round up  
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How come you didn't mention EDGE or NOWGAMER ?
that is the main reason why it's so low.

it would've been easily an 87 or 88, if they scored higher.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:50 pm  Post subject: Re: SSX Review round up  
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NowGamer wasn’t included in the metacritic score. If Edge wasn’t there I think it would be 84/near 85.

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