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Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:26 pm

Image Various members of Merqury City have posted their experiences playing SSX at The Art of Flight tour taking place throughout North America. MC members Tunes and Kav have given some in-depth updates on various systems of the game and how the game has progressed from the build back in June at the SSX Community Day.

Read up on their experiences after the break.


First up is Tunes:

Tunes wrote:dudes! sorry this took so long, i didn't realize that you guys were that interested! i made sure to ask the guy that it was cool i shared what i saw with you guys just in case. they're weird about that stuff.

first of all, the build was definitely different than what i played at EA. the biggest difference was the steering or how fluid the carving and turning felt. comparing it to SSX3 and even Tricky, it was less reactive. in 3, you would press left and almost immediately your character would go left, but in this build (and i don't recall it being like this back in June) you would press left and it was almost like the physics waited .5 seconds before the character turned left. i don't think that necessarily makes the game worse or bad, but it makes you feel less in control and more like your character is controlling you and not the other way around. THAT was my biggest concern, and i really hope it's not that way in the final physics build.

the second biggest thing i noticed is that there are three different views. the first (and i think default) view is the far away view (which is what is in the images below). then there is a closer view, which is maybe pretend 10 or 12 feet behind the character. then finally there is the close up view which is probably about as close to first person as you can get without it being first person. what bothered me is how far away the default view is. again, i think because it is SO far away, not only do you lose detail of the character and what exactly the character is doing, but it makes you feel less in control. almost like you're just watching what's happening instead of controlling what's happening. however, i do think the medium view might be a little TOO close. but if there was something that was maybe just a little farther away than the medium view and it was the default view, i think it would be perfect.

other than that, everything felt generally the same as i played back in June. there was DEFINITELY much more decoration on the mountain i played (which was the Himalayas), and it looked really good. because the turning was a littled effed, i definitely found it somewhat difficult at times to find a clean line, only because i wasn't able to go the exact direction i wanted at that very moment. it still felt really good being able to go like 50 different ways down the mountain. and literally every direction you tried had a path to go down. the map definitely felt ridiculously bigger than previous SSX tracks. not necessarily longer, but much, much more variety in ways to get down the run.

i also played with Moby! which really wasn't any different than playing with other characters, but it was cool to play with him. i'm PRETTY sure i saw the Superman Barspin, but i can't be entirely sure. the ubers looked really good too. there were some that were cooler and lamer than others, but it was sweet when i landed an amazing trick that looked super steezy.

ALSO, there still was the shockwave involved, but there was no time dilation and no, well, shockwave. i don't know what i was doing when it would happen, but when it happened there would be some kind of flash of light in a circle and it would move out from me. that's all i noticed. but like i said, i don't know what i did to trigger it.

the menu and menu interface was a little different than last time, but they looked good. the whole spinning earth as a menu thing is absolutely amazing. it looks really really good.

so i apparently went to a kind of larger premier. my brother got a picture with Travis Rice (the, for the lack of a better term, main character of The Art of Flight), who was dressed up all nice. somehow we got seated literally right behind some of the other guys that were in the movie, and there were all kinds of people there and most were dressed fashionably classy. WITH THAT SAID, absolutely NO ONE, and i stress NO ONE, was at the SSX booth. i rolled up and sat at the booth and i literally played SSX non stop until the movie started. the EA guy that was chillin at the booth was like 'yeah dude play as much as you want!' i don't think he knew how literally i would take that and i sat there for probably about 20-30 minutes playing SSX. it was rad. the guy was not surprisingly surprised that i drove from Salt Lake to play the game, to which i just told him i'm dedicated. :wink haha.

and to be totally honest, i'm not surprised that no one was at the booth. i love you EA, but your promotion of the game was horrible. there was only ONE poster for SSX, and a couch with two tvs in front of it (see below), and if you ask me, that's not a very effective way of getting people stoked on the game. there wasn't even an indication of what KIND of game it was. i feel like there should have been at least a few people that would have been interested in playing it, but seriously people acted like it wasn't even there. EA should have upped the publicity a little bit.

so yeah, that's all i got. i can answer questions if any of you are interested in something i didn't talk about. also, i'm sorry i basically wrote a novel. i didn't mean to. here are some pics:

the ONE poster that was in front of the booth.

the booth itself, my brother is the dude playing the game (he's a versed SSX player).

the guy told me i couldn't take video but i could take pictures. so my brother took that very literally and snapped like 30 pictures of me playing. it's not really anything crazy but hey at least it's something, right? and these pictures are kind of big because i didn't resize them. so i'm hiding them so it doesn't overload your shit. hopefully it works. haha.

Click to reveal hidden content: show







and this is a picture of inside the theater. i've never seen so many people at a ski movie premier, there were SOOO many people. it was like a huge party. and the movie was fucking sweet, i'm gonna buy the DVD eventually.

it was awesome! you should go if you're close to any premiers, even if SSX isn't there. woo!

Next up is Kav, who excellently documents changes to the system and some cool tidbits about the characters:

Kav wrote:So I'm back from Art of Flight, going to give some points that I took down for those interested. I'll try to post only things that haven't been said before, considering (as most of you know) I'm more of a character focused type of dude haha.

First of all, I met Duke! He was super cool, and was there just telling people how to play and fixing the PS3s when they overheated (the one on the left overheated 7 times in the span of two hours I think... happened once on me and like 5 times with my friend lol). I was able to ask him questions that popped into my head and I texted myself every time I heard something or saw something of interest. Going to put it in point form (just what I texted myself at random moments):

- In the new trailer, the part with the trees where Mac shows up was actually a part of Siberia

- The game is still in prealpha because the devs still want to add much more content to the mountains (i.e. decoartions). Controls are also still iffy. They "technically shouldn't be pre-alpha right now" (hint at delay?)

- The demo I played had two Trick It tracks - Himalayas and Siberia, and one Survive It track - Patagonia (gravity). I'd assume this was the same build that was demo'd behind closed doors at (that other event that started with "games" that isn't gamescon...). Duke didn't really let me or anyone else play Patagonia since it was incomplete and that I would probably end up having a bad first impression of the deadly descents.

- I made sure to ask Duke about the music, asking if we should expect a single style of music (i.e. electronica/dubstep as heard in the trailers). He told me that there will be a wide variety of music, and that although the audio team has not begun to handle audio yet, they do have an ideal playlist written up with the proper permissions. Side note, there were voices in the game (Elise, Kaori, Mac and Moby, as well as Dragonfly who was the placeholder pilot), however they were all placeholder. I couldn't hear it well anyways over the loud music.

- Before every event, there's a short clip of your helicopter flying to your destination mountain, followed by a little montage of your character. Elise's was kind of strange... she stretched her neck by spinning it around, and then she spun 5 or 6 more times. After that she licked her lips and was ready to go. It was athletic yet slutty at the same time :lol. Kaori did a little jig/dance. Moby stretched his arms and punched his fists together for a bit (think Wrestler - Sexual Chocolate? :lol). I don't remember Mac's all that well, but I remember seeing a zoom in of his face, and I can testify that he looks way more like Mac in game than he does in his concept art.

- I asked Duke about the costumes, and he's just as unsure as we are. For sure we will get Tricky style outfits. He's not sure if the clothes will have different designs or not. Supposedly Batty said that he wanted a lot of outfits in such a way that Duke also thought there might be a colour wheel (but he doesn't know).

- The controls in the demo weren't final. There will for sure be multiple control schemes. Although Batty talks about classic controls a lot back in the Couve, Duke isn't sure if we're getting one.

- The game goes really fast without boosting, and mixed with the slow turning, it was really hard to use the buttons for tricks. I ended up finding the trick stick easier to use because when a jump came I didn't have enough time to react.

- I made sure to bring up Boogie's designs, and I even showed him Eve from my phone. He liked the design and explained to me that "if the game were successful, we actually want to do something like that... where we can have the fans design characters and let them vote for their favourite". I explained to him that Boogie also designed Allegra and Dimitri, but I was pushing for Eve :lol. He'll give that thread a looksee later (or he might already have done so). He added that they can't talk about DLC for the simple fact that marketing gets upset with them. The only reason they could even announce Eddie was because he was a preorder bonus (and as such is in the game disc), however if you don't preorder him, that he'll most likely become DLC at a later point.

- Rewind is the funniest and most fun thing about wiping out. For Race It, Duke seemed to agree with me that the rewind feature would be punishment enough if other racers still continued to go forward. As for Trick It, they're thinking of having the rewind feature pretty much eliminate Tricky mode and the multiplier.

- There will be AIs in Race It (and maybe Trick It too?), Duke saw Batty and the gang play against AIs before heading to New York yesterday.

So what do you think? How is the build coming along? Will the game be delayed?

Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:32 am

"the biggest difference was the steering or how fluid the carving and turning felt. comparing it to SSX3 and even Tricky, it was less reactive. in 3, you would press left and almost immediately your character would go left, but in this build (and i don't recall it being like this back in June) you would press left and it was almost like the physics waited .5 seconds before the character turned left"

"- The game goes really fast without boosting, and mixed with the slow turning, it was really hard to use the buttons for tricks. I ended up finding the trick stick easier to use because when a jump came I didn't have enough time to react"


thats uhh...not good~

i hope they get that figured out cause a .5 second delay between controller and character is imho game ruining. no matter what game you are talking about the controller/reaction times have to be instantaneous. period~

Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:11 am

In my head its official: SSX will be delayed. Im guessing they will be delayed an additional month. 2 tops.

I kinda dont care because SSX is here and either way it goes, ima be hitting 100 foot jumps. My patience for this game even improved. So I want them to take as long as they can to get the game where they and WE want it to be(They still want to satisfy the fans).

They dont seem to have this Control situation fixed yet, havnt got to the soundtrack, arent even done with the mountains yet, I know they arent official with that HUD, and alot of other unfinished aspects.

So dont be surprised if this runs over January. Im shooting towards more like February-March........which would suck. :frusty

Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:09 pm

good thing it's just in your head. if it were reality it would really suck.

Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:38 pm

^I think it sucks that its not in my hands right now. :dead
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