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Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:59 pm

Image The SSX community over at Twitch has a very active Discord server for those interested. There are two current Discords - the first is the SSX Community Discord run by Rithek and company, which covers all the games in the SSX Community. This community is very active on Twitch and contains not only general race records but also records for non-wormhole and clean races.

The second is the SSX Tricky community Discord, run by xcon. Xcon also runs a spreadsheet on the SSX Tricky competition taking place on youtube and Twitch. Xcon holds a ton of records on our scoreboard and is a fantastic player.

You can find the SSX Community Discord here, the SSX Tricky Discord run by Xcon here and the spreadsheet for the SSX Tricky community record holders here.
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