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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:51 am  Post subject: Global Event Changes are Live and Event Schedule  
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Image The proposed changes to global events went live late last night. Instead of every range being active with events every day, only two ranges will be active with events. One range will be a high roller range and the second will be a casual player range.

The two ranges that are active will change every day. The first two ranges for Tuesday are the Alps (high) and Alaska (low). The full list of changes as well as the schedule of ranges can be found after the jump.

Also note that the Mt. Eddie DLC will have a full suite of events regardless of the day.

Any event that was currently running that was not scheduled to end last night will continue until they finish so it may take a few days or a week for the events to exclusively show up on only two ranges.


Todd Batty wrote:
Just a heads up we are pushing the latest GE settings out tonight. Probably very late, I'm guessing around 2am PST.

So starting tomorrow there will only be GE's on 3 ranges: a 'high-roller' range, a casual player range and Mt. Eddie.

There will only be @10 events per range, mostly on feature peaks to begin.

You should see a banner in the main menu that will take you directly to the highest entry drop on the high roller range.

The featured ranges will change every day, as will the events on Mt. Eddie. :)

Mt. Eddie will have a mix of cheap and high entry fee events, and always a low-level gear restricted event that should be useful for new characters who you haven't leveled up yet.

Not 100% sure but there may also be some extra XP floating around in GE's this week. If not, soon I hope.

That's all. Hope this works out well!

For those who are interested, here is the schedule for week one:

Tues: Alps (high), Alaska (low)
Wed: Hima (high), Siberia (low)
Thur: Rockies (high), NZ (low)
Fri: Siberia (high), Antarctica (low)
Sat: NZ (high), Hima (low)
Sun: Alaska (high), Rockies (low)
Mon: Patagonia (high), Alps (low)

Also, the new events begin as old events end so it is a gradual rather than a sudden rollover. So for the first 24 hrs or so there will still be some straggler events around in other ranges until they end.

Finally, we have fixed our week-long free event to ensure it will hit 50K again each week starting this week. Sorry it missed hitting that the past couple weeks!

MrPanic wrote:
What is the longest time a event can last now on a featured range?

I believe other than the week-long free event it is 1hr max. Generally 15,30,45,60 is how we allocated each event type for race and trick and 45,60 for survive.

Proactively, here's a bug that is going to surface that you should be prepared for:

If you are on your FIRST survive run in an event and it ends before you die you will get a DNP. Sorry. My adivce is to just sabotage your first run then have at it. It won't be an issue in any subsequent runs - if the event ends and you're still going you will be credited with the distance you covered up to that point.

We're looking into this right now. Again, sorry.

Also, you can still set up and compete in custom events anywhere on the globe.

- KotW -

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