SSX On Tour Scoreboard Rules

The following rules apply to the SSX On Tour scoreboard located at

All scores should be submitted via the scoreboard submission form. You must have an working account in the Gravitude Bar (our forum, located here) to submit a score.

Unconfirmed scores are held in place, unless they are the top 3 scores. If you submit a top 3 score without screenshot proof, it will be removed after two weeks.

Screenshots are all that is required to confirm a screenshot on the SSX On Tour Scoreboard.

All cheats and My Rules changes like "Infinite Boost" are against the rules and will disqualify your score.

We don't accept score submissions off of the forum. That means you can't pop-in to a thread and say "I got 3 million on a track" and expect it to be on the billboard the next day. The reason is two fold: a) It's way too easy to claim you set a number one score on a billboard and then disappear. b) Often when someone submits a score on a billboard, they neglect to include all the necessary information like rider used, board used, etc. Using the scoreboard form ensures you do that.

Be sure that the e-mail listed on your Gravitude Bar account works if we have questions.

When you submit a score using the scoreboard form, we may have to contact you via e-mail if we have questions about your score. If the e-mail doesn't work and we get a returned e-mail, your score doesn't get posted, it's that simple. You can point us to a web page with a picture or PM it to gondee to be sure we get it.

If possible, use the screenshot upload page to upload screenshots onto Imageshack. While we do accept screenshots/video links from other web pages, if you do not upload the screenshots onto Imageshack, the link may eventually become broken over time if you move or delete your files. While the score will still stay verified on the scoreboard, people may not like it if they click on a screenshot link and are presented with a dead link.

In order for a score to say "Yes" under the Verified column on the scoreboard, it must be proven that you got the score.

In most cases, this involves having a screenshot linked to the score that serves as proof that the score is true. If you have shown a video of your run on the Gravitude Bar and one of the scoreboard administrators has seen it, it will be permanently approved with no link. However, we would still prefer that you submit a screenshot just to show other people that you did indeed make the score.

If there is no screenshot attached to a Top 3 score and you have shown no video of your run in the forum, your score will be temporarily approved and will be listed as "No" under the verified column. You then have 14 days to submit a screenshot/video to confirm your score.

You may do this two ways. The first is resubmitting a score entry identical to the one that you submitted before, making sure to put down a screenshot/video link in the entry. The scoreboard administrators will view the proof and accept the score, and it will "overwrite" your existing score. The second is sending a link to your screenshot to one of the scoreboard administrators (gondee) and they will add the screenshot to your score and verify your entry.

If your score is not top 3, it will stay on the SSX On Tour Scoreboard for a year, whereupon it may be removed after that time at the scoreboard administrator's discression.

The Challenge Procedure
It is always possible that someone may have faked proof on the scoreboard to get into the top 3. In order to maintain integrity for the scoreboard or in case someone has questions about your score, they can initiate a "challenge" on the forum for your score. Video is the only 100% full-proof method of verification.

This is only allowed if the person initiating the challenge has an existing entry on that track that has been beaten by your score. The person must make the challenge in this thread within 30 days of your score being approved and you have 30 days to respond. If your score has been challenged, a PM will be sent to your account on the Gravitude as well.

If your score has been challenged, it is required that you submit video of your score to either the forum at large or to the scoreboard administrator to verify your score. If you do not, then the score may be removed if it is deemed by the scoreboard admin that you haven't submitted adequate proof to verify your score. This is to ensure the integrity of the scoreboard remains intact in the days of cheating devices, etc.

All systems are accepted. Both PAL and NTSC systems are on the same scoreboard. SSX On Tour is one of those rare series where it makes no difference what TV or video game system they use. The game runs nearly identically across all systems and television standards. reserves the right to change these rules as the scoreboard grows and new techniques that push the rules are discovered. As of THIS MOMENT, however, there are only these techniques banned:

1) Use of GAMESHARK or ACTION REPLAY or any cheat device for SSX Tricky.

Stay honest, play well and enjoy!