SSX Scoreboard System FAQ

Here you can submit scores for all 3 SSX games in one. Rather than 3 different scoreboards, now has ONE scoreboard for ALL the SSX games!

1. What should I know first?

a. Two things: you need to be logged into the Gravitude Bar to submit a score, and you must submit valid proof for every score you submit or they will be removed after 14 days.

2. How do I log-in and where do I submit a score?

a. You click on the "Log In" link on the Gravitude Bar. If you try and submit a score without being logged in, you will be redirected to log in, then taken to the submission screen. If you don't have a current account, you can register a new one using the register link.

b. After you are logged into the Gravitude Bar, click the "Submit a Scores & Times" Link above. Clicking this will open a pop-up, so please turn off any pop-up blocking software before clicking the link.

3. What is valid proof?

a. For all SSX and SSX Tricky scores, a screenshot is valid proof.

b. For SSX 3, some tracks require screenshots, and other require video for proof. It goes like this:

Tracks that require screenshots:
Racing: Snow Jam, Metro City, Gravitude, Peak 2 Race, Peak 3 Race
Freestyle: Schizophrenia, Perpendiculous, Happiness, Much2Much, Peak 2 Jam, Peak 3 Jam

Tracks that require video:
Racing: Throne, Ruthless Ridge, Happiness and Intimidator.
Freestyle: R&B, Style Mile, Kick Doubt, Crow’s Nest, Launch Time, Ruthless, The Throne, Junction, and the Peak 1 Jam.

4. How does the Score Process go?

a. Before you submit a score on the scoreboard, you must have an existing, working account with our forum, the Gravitude Bar. Your scores are attached to this account.

When you go to the "Submit Score" link on the scoreboard, if you are not logged into the Gravitude Bar, you will be directed to log in. If you do not have an account, click on the "Register Link" on the log-in page and follow the directions. When you have logged in, you will be redirected back to the score submission screen to finish inputting your score.

b. Fill in the Game, Mode and Track you are submitting the score for. After each selection, click "Next" to go to the next selection. If you make a mistake, push "Start Over" and re-input your information.

c. Input your Score/Time information.If you are submitting an entry for a racing track, you will be directed to input your time for that track. Put minutes in the first column, seconds in the second column, and tenths/hundredths in the final column. For example, if you've gotten a time of 6:34.04 on Alaska, but 6 in the first column, 34 in the second column and 04 in the third column. Putting letters or other characters in the field will invalidate your score.

If you are submitting an entry for a freestyle/showoff track, you will be directed to input your score for that track. When you input your score, do NOT use commas. For example, if you have a score of 3,456,444 on Alaska, put in the score without commas, like this: 3456444. Putting in commas or special characters like letters may invalidate your score entry.

d. Choose your character that you used. If you used a hidden character like Bigfoot or Naked Luther, please just select the normal character who you attached the hidden character onto.

e. If you'd like to upload a screenshot onto the server as proof, click the "Upload File" link. A pop-up window will open that will allow you to pick a file off your computer to upload onto the server. Please note that you cannot upload files larger than 100K, and that you can only upload JPEG, GIF and PNG files.

After your screenshot has been successfully uploaded, a picture of your screenshot and a copy of your URL will display. Please copy this URL and paste it into the "Link to Screenshot" field on the normal score submission screen. If you do not do this, your score may not be verified since no screenshot will display. At this point, you can close the Screenshot upload window. Please note that if this service is abused, it may be removed.

If you have a screenshot on a separate webpage, you may submit the URL in the "Link to Screenshot" field. Please note that we will not upload the screenshot onto our server if you give us an outside link to a screenshot. So if you'd like your screenshots to be displayed no matter what, feel free to upload the screenshot onto our server.

f. At this point, your score entry is finished. Click "Finish" where you are allowed to choose whether you would like to return to the scoreboard, submit another score, or return to the forum. Thanks for your entry!

5. What happens to my score entry after I have submitted it?

a. When you click submit, the score is put into a "holding table" where the scoreboard administrators will review it. So do not fret if your score does not appear right away. The scoreboard admin must approve all scores that get displayed on the scoreboard. In most cases, your score will appear on the scoreboard within a few days. If you have a question about your score, please PM gondee about your question.

b. When the admin is reviewing your score, they will either permanently approve it (where a "Yes" will appear in the "Verified" column on the scoreboard), temporarily approve it (where a "No" will appear in the "Verified" column on the scoreboard) or permanently discard it if it is an obvious joke score.

Permanently approved scores are never removed unless you have submitted a screenshot only as proof and your score entry is challenged. (See the Scoreboard rules page for information on that.) If you've shown a video of your score, your score is unchallengable.

Temporarily approved scores mean you have 14 days to submit proof of your score. If this is the case, you can either resubmit your score when you have proof and it will overwrite your existing score, or you can PM gondee or laidback0378 proof of your score. They will edit your score and add in the proof. If you do not submit proof, your score is removed from the scoreboard until you submit proper verification.

If your score is permanently discarded, we will not tell you - it's up to you to follow up on your score. Please resubmit your score if you have questions and PM a scoreboard admin to ask about what happened to your score.

6. Where can I submit video proof of my score?

a. You can either submit it in the proper thread in the Gravitude Bar or you can upload it onto a web page and give the address to a scoreboard admin if you wish to keep your method a secret. The scoreboard admins only need to see the proof, no one else.

7. Who do I contact if I have questions about my score?

a. You can contact the scoreboard administrator: gondee. You can PM gondee here or e-mail him here.

Scoreboard Rankings FAQ

8. How is my score totaled on the Scoreboard Rankings page?

The simple explanation is that each score that is submitted is given a point total out of 10,000 by comparing it to the top score in any particular track. Then for each category (say, SSX 3 racing) the scores of all tracks in that category are averaged, and then ranked. If you don't have a score in any particular track, you get a zero.

To get into the details will take some explanation so - Warning - MATH AHEAD.

First, there are two basic formulas that make up the SSX Scoreboard. One for Racing, and one for Trick and Survival.

Let's examine this a little closer.


Ranking Points (RP) = 10,000 * (Best Time / Time)

Ranking Points (Racing) - the total numeric value, out of 10,000, of your score on a single track.
Best Time - The first place time, measured in seconds, of the top-ranked (#1) score on that same track.
Time - Your time, measured in seconds, on that track.

Using the formula above, let's say that you submit a score on a SSX 3 racing track of 1:35 (1 minute, 35 seconds.) The top score is 1:15 (1 minute, 15 seconds.)

STEP ONE: Both the top time and your time is converted to seconds. TOP TIME: 1:15 = 75 seconds, YOUR TIME: 1:35 = 95 seconds. STEP TWO: The Best Time (75 seconds) is divided by your time (95 seconds). 75/95 = .7894736842105263 STEP THREE: This value (.78947...) is multiplied by 10,000. This is rounded to two decimal places. .78947 * 10,000 = 7894.736842105263. FINAL RESULT: Your Racing Ranking Points for this SSX 3 Race is 7894.74 out of a possible 10,000.


Ranking Points (RP) = 10,000 * (Score / Best Score)

Ranking Points (Trick) - the total numeric value, out of 10,000, of your score on a single track.
Best Score - The first place score, measured in points, of the top-ranked (#1) score on that same track.
Time< - Your score, measured in points, on that track.

Using the formula above, let's say that you submit a score on a SSX Tricky track of 1,250,000. The top score is 2,560,000.

STEP ONE: Your Score (1,250,000) is divided by the Top Score (2,560,000). 1,250,000 / 2,560,000 = .48828125 STEP TWO: This value (.48828) is multiplied by 10,000. This is rounded to two decimal places. .48828125 * 10,000 = 4882.8125 Your Trick (Showoff) Ranking Points for this SSX 3 Trick Event is 4882.81 out of a possible 10,000.


TRP = SUM(RP * TS) for AT / TS for AT

TRP - Total Ranking Points, your rank score (out of 10,000) in any given "Best Overall" category.
RP - Ranking Points. the total numeric value, out of 10,000, of your score on a single track.
TS - Total Scores. The total number of scores for any particular track. If SSX Snowdream Racing has 24 people submitting scores, that's 24 Total Scores, since users can only submit one score per track.
AT - acronym for "all tracks" in a particular category.

The formula that calculates "Best Overall" rankings in a prospective category is a little more complex. We add weighting (in the form of the total scores submitted for a category) into the formula because we want more highly competitive scoreboards to count for more than very lightly competitive scoreboards. Someone who takes a top score out of 50 competitors should be more highly rewarded than someone who takes a top score out of 5 competitors.

Let's break down this formula into more manageable pieces. Let's see where you rank in the Best Overal Player category for an imaginary SSX game (let's call it "SSX Imaginary"). The Best Overall Player category encompasses two modes - Racing and Showoff (Trick). There are two pieces of information used by this formula for each track in a particular category: Your Ranking Points on a particular track (found by the formulas above) and Total Scores for that track. Keep in mind - if you don't have a score on a particular track, your Ranking Points for that track will be ZERO.

SSX Imaginary Track Scores:
Track A: 6421 points (11 total scores)
Track B: 2337 points (21 total scores)
Track C: 6745 points (17 total scores)
Track D: 9834 points (35 total scores)
Track E: 2109 points (7 total scores)
Track F: 734 points (18 total scores)

For each track, we are multiplying your Ranking Points (RP) times the number of total scores (TS) for that track.

Track A: 6421*11 = 70,631
Track B: 2337*21 = 49,077
Track C: 6745*17 = 114,665
Track D: 9834*35 = 344,190
Track E: 2109*7 = 14,763
Track F: 734*18 = 13,212

Then we add these totals up for all tracks for SSX Imaginary. 70,631 + 49,077 + 114,665 + 344,190 + 14,763 + 13,212 = 606,588
Next, we add up the total number of scores for each track to find the Total Scores for all tracks in SSX Imaginary. 11 + 21 + 17 + 35 + 7 + 18 = 109
We then divide the total Ranking Points by the Total Scores: 606,588 / 109 = 5,564.02
In the Best Overall Player category for SSX Imaginary, your score is 5,564.02.

This process is completed for each and every person who has a score in that particular category, and once Total Ranking Points are found for each person, they are then ranked. That should shed some light on the processes behind the SSX Scoreboard Rankings.