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Advanced Techniques and Terms

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:45 pm
from: gondee
Article type: Tutorial
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Advanced Techniques & Terms
Throughout this FAQ you may come across terminology that you don't
understand. For the most part it's pretty obvious, but for those of you
who don't know, here are different techniques used in advanced racing
and showoff:

TO UBER: To Do an Uber trick.

CHAR UBER OR SIG UBER: A Character-specific or signature Uber. Only One
Character has this Uber and it is generally longer and worth more points
than regular Ubers.

CLEAN RUN: A race with no cheats, codes, warps, glitch shortcuts, or crashes.
Basically playing the game with no enhancement and getting a perfect run
with no mess-ups. This is the sort of race you need to enter Twin Galaxies

TO BE TRICKY: Either to have filled up your boost bar completely and be
able to do Uber tricks (most common), or to have done 6 Ubers and have
unlimited Uber-ability and everlasting boost.

Advanced Techniques
a) MANUAL RESETTING WARP: The Manual Resetting Warp, or "Select trick"
involves pushing the manual reset button ('Select' on the PS2 and X-box,
'Y' on the GC controller) at certain points in the race. Doing this will
cause your racer to warp ahead on the track and save you time. (It is
called the 'Select Trick' because it originated on the PS2 system with
the first SSX, where the Select button was the manual reset button.
This trick is still present in SSX Tricky.)

NOTE: There is some controversy with using this trick, because some people
consider it cheating. It's up to you to decide whether to use this, but for
the purposes of this FAQ we will list it, since the majority of competitive
racers do use this trick. However, according to the Twin Galaxies SSX Tricky
World Record contest rules, using this in official contest racing is

It is considered a legal tactic for Showoff however, and not against the Twin
Galaxies rules.

b) PD CofC's 'CHEAP TRICK' - There is an interesting "bug" of sorts,
discovered by showoff phenom PD CofC, that makes use of a grab bug to run
up higher grab scores than could be achieved normally. Here is how PD
describes it:

When you jump off a big jump and do an Uber, you often wrap up the jump
with a quick grab like an experimental. You would normally let go of the
grab before you landed so you would not crash. PD's "cheap trick" allows
you to continue running your score up as if you had never let go of
the grab!

Do a regular jump and do a quick Uber - you have a little time
left over so you end the jump with a grab. Instead of holding the grab,
do this: select a grab that has no Uber assigned to it, like L1+R2 or
an experimental. Quickly do the grab and then tap the boost button quickly
TWICE to tweak the grab. Then, let go of the grab. What should happen is
that the score continues to rack up, even though you've let go of the grab!
You can almost always get a few hundred if not a thousand extra points on
each jump if you do this. Cheezy! (Or "Cheap", as PD puts it.)

c) TAP-BOOSTING: You gain boost by doing tricks, and spend it by holding the
boost button. However, it is an little known fact that tapping the boost
button repeatedly (instead of just holding it down) causes your boost to
last MUCH longer (almost three times as long) while still maintaining
near-top speed.

In order to best utilize the boost that you get, you should HOLD the boost
button until you reach top speed, and then tap it to maintain close-to-top
speed for as long as possible. Using this on straightaways for characters
who have a hard time acquiring boost is key to good times on longer races.

It is important to remember that this tactic is NOT nearly as good as
getting all six letters of TRICKY filled up (and having unlimited boost),
but it's a good tactic to know if there are no places to get six Ubers in a

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