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Tokyo Megaplex

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:30 pm
from: gondee
Article type: Walkthrough
Viewed: 1178

~~~~~~MASTER RUN~~~~~~
AUTHOR: gondee
PLAYER: gondee
Time: 2,382,600
Character: Mac

1. In Tokyo Megaplex, is is critical to do two things. First, get
all your TRICKY meter filled as soon as possible because Tokyo Megaplex
will require you to reset more than any other showoff track. Next,
remember that you will have to turn around in Tokyo an insane amount of times.
Finally, time your laps well and don\'t spend too much time in one area -
you have three laps to get all the snowflakes you need. Also, make stringent
use of PD CofC\'s \"Cheap Trick\" in this level on each airfan jump to max
out your score without worrying about crashing into a pipe or path above
the course.

As you start off in Tokyo, it is important to do as many small tricks
to get decent boost before you reach the area with the first two windfans.
As you exit out of the gate, do a 360. On your way down the ice tunnel, do a
prewind Misty. Then as you approach the jump before the windfans, jump
really early and do a Misty to get full boost. Make sure you land BEFORE
the wind fans. Hit the windfan and do two Ubers (same for each time you
hit the windfans). If you are lucky, you can hit a red snowflake and do
two Ubers for about 200K.

2. Now, head for the Air Tunnel directly ahead. You can always do a
character Uber and a quick Uber out of this for about 40K. As you land,
tap jump up to the upper area where the rails start, now ski to the left
and jump off, doing two more Ubers and filling out your Tricky meter
as you land on the regular track below.

3. In the area below, jump off the embankments to get the yellows at
the turns. If you miss one, you still have two more laps to get the
snowflakes. As you exit out of this area, hit the switch to raise the
green ramp and do a character Uber through the red into the tunnel
below. When you land, press select.

4. When you reset back onto the regular track, you are now entering
one of the critical areas for Tokyo. First of all, ahead is the only
checkpoint in all of Tokyo, so if you need to make it to the checkpoint,
here it is. Tokyo gives you a ton of time, but it\'s easy to spend too
long in one area and have to speed back to make it to this checkpoint.

Now, ahead there is four fans, with one fan behind it. The fan behind
it is the crucial fan. You can use it to get the two reds and two
oranges that float above this area of the course. You have to approach
the fans from a certain angle backwards to catch these snowflakes.
I will tell you the angle by referring to a clock. Imagine as you
approach the windfan - 6 o\'clock is directly in front of you, 12
o\'clock is on the other side. 9 is the left side, and 3 PM is the
right side.
         /    \\
      9  |    | 3
           6 o\'clock

      ^^ You are coming from below the windfan, going backwards.

   *    *      *    *
  Red Orange  Ora.  Red
         /    \\
      9  |    | 3
          6 o\'clock

Now, to get the first red on the left side (backwards), approach backwards
from about the 4 o\'clock angle. Catch this red and do a character Uber
and a fast Uber (on each jump as well) for about 200K. Each time you land,
press select to be reset back onto the track, and then turn around and make
your way back to that single fan, trying to hit the different angles:
Orange on left side is about 5:30. The Red on the right side is about
8:30. The second orange on the right side is about 6:30. Each time you
catch air, do one character Uber and a regular Uber, and do a back/front
flip once you are airborne or a Misty/Rodeo to vary your tricks and add
points. If you run low on time, come back on subsequent laps for the
other snowflakes.

5. Coming out of this area, hit the switches to lower the barriers on the
left turn, then on the right turn, lower the barriers and jump off the
embankment doing a hand in hand. This sets you up nicely for the second
crucial area. Ahead is a single fan blowing in the middle of the course,
but above this fan lies 1 orange and 3 reds! The difference is that each red
is a little further down the course than the others. There are two very
close together - approach the fan from six o\'clock (going straight) and do
a character Uber and regular Uber with flips and hope you don\'t get two
snowflakes in one jump. The third red requires that you jump a tad before you
hit the windfan - this will cause you to be blown further out than if you
just rode onto the windfan without jumping. Good luck, this is tougher
to get. Remember, you can always come back to get these reds if you miss
them the first time.

6. Ahead, hit the switch and enter the tunnel that goes into the snow covered
hill ahead. Use the exit to this underground area as a ramp - there are three
different reds you can get. One on the far left, one in the middle, and on
on the far right. Do two Ubers each time you jump and hope you get luck
enough to catch the left or right ones.

7. Once you land, take the right path and make your way to the next area.
Avoid the rotating barriers and make for the windfans under the glass
barrier. There are two fans here, a left and a right. For the left fan,
approach it backwards from the 7 o\'clock angle to capture a red high
above the course. For the right fan, approach forward at about the 5:30
angle to capture a pair of orange that lie far above the course. Remember,
if you miss one, save it for the next lap. Ignore the other fans and make
your way to the jump with the conveyor belts. As tempting as it is to
jump for the reds ahead, don\'t do it. Use the windfans below to get
them (that is if you didn\'t get one on the first part out of the starting

8. You will always have enough time to turn around a few times to get any
of the snowflakes mentioned above. But on your final lap, odds are you
will have a minute or two to burn before time runs out. Do NOT just finish
the race... instead, use those two windfans I described in point #1 to do
jump after jump of two Ubers. Each time you land, turn around and go for
another jump. To make sure you don\'t crash over those annoying speed
bumps in the ground, let go of UP as you go over them, then continue
skiiing towards the airfans. Good luck and hopefully you can get a
score much higher than mine on this track!

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