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SSX masters

Released on: Fri May 08, 2009 6:04 pm
from: gondee
Article type: General
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ssx4ever- better yet known as the "Old school speed demon" ssx4ever has many many racing world records for ssx and a few for tricky! a very determined respected racer of merqurycity

FirebrandX- ahh the one and only, ssx4evers rival another speed demon all i can say is wow! if u posted a world record in front of this guy! it'd be gone by tomorrow so enjoy your 24 hours of fame!!

Alpmaster- lol this guy is an awesome ssx racer and trust me..VEEERY well known at merqurycity the comedian id say ahh anyways yes ANOTHER! speed demon to be added to that list and that makes 3! alp has a few world records like his awesome AIJ master run and his 2:59 on untracked!

GiveMeIce- A very good racer on the ssx scoreboard al though no world records he makes up for that by managing to stay in the top 5 of everything he enters! (his pipedream video is pimpin!)

Grandmort- people say grandmort is a myth...HES NOT! hes the founder of and also is the first to reach 1 million on ssx even though he got topped he will be remembered as the FIRST to land that score

BlackDth- :) Ok I know this guy pretty well and he is awesome. Dth started out playing ssx demos at his local stores and could not stay off of it! now he has TOO MANY WORLD RECORDS!!! an awesome showoffer and an awesome guy..great combination eh? and u never know if hes still playing he keeps his playing status secret..... :devil

MrChaos- not only is chaos a great ssx tricky showoffer but hes also good at the original too! too much you might say? NO!!! landing in the top five of many showoff tracks got him the "best overall ssx showoffer" award and u better respect him! yo! :pimp

Heres a vetrean but not quite a master..

Rainbow Rainbow- the quiet one hardly ever talks but boy hes got some skills with Jurgen He almost topped Blackdth on Pipe dream *clears throat* lemme say again BLACKDTH!

Oh yea and uhh gondee is a pretty good racer at ssx.i read off of a card

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