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SSX On Tour is the fourth game in the immensely popular SSX Snowboarding Series. If you want to know how to "ROCK" while on a snowboard or skis, this is your game! Featuring a brand new "living sketch" design similar to what your average thrasher might scribble on their notepad while they were bored, SSX On Tour follows up SSX 3 with a revamped Monster Control scheme and a crazy Rock Soundtrack.

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news The News Section features interesting stories from the SSX On Tour era for Merqury City. characters All the returning characters of SSX On Tour. Go here to read their profiles and to download hi-resolution character art by clicking on their mugshots.
tricks This section details the Monster Tricks (both levels 1 and 2) and details how to do them using the Playstation 2 controller. skiing Skis are a brand new feature to SSX On Tour and this section details all the various ins and outs of using two planks instead of one.
tracks There are a ton of different tracks in SSX On Tour, and this section details all the various events for each one. faq Do you need to know anything and everything about SSX On Tour? Download the Master FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) guide by gondee here!
art The Art section shows a few wallpapers for you to spice up your personal computer with, along several random (but still awesome) things about SSX On Tour, like the On Tour Truck! movies This section lists the trailers and ending movie.