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Mesablanca - 1:10:53 Mesablanca - 1:10:53

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WinonaNet Update - PS3 Section No Longer Updated

Feb 5, 2015 Posted By gondee at 1:29 PM 451 Views // 0 Replies
Image WinonaNet creator Ozmo has let us know that EA has shutdown the SSX (2012) API for PS3 players, meaning that WinonaNet will no longer be able to download or update PS3 players scores from EA's servers.

In terms of our website - this means that PS3 players will no longer be able to use WinonaNet as proof for new scores, since no new scores will be added. Xbox 360 players are, at the moment, still able to upload scores. Once scores are no longer accepted, WinonaNet will be read-only, but either way it is a monumental achievement that has become a cornerstone of the SSX community. Send ticklemeozmo a message of thanks if you get the opportunity.

Mobile Theme for the Gravitude Bar Now Available

Jan 19, 2015 Posted By gondee at 10:17 AM 385 Views // 0 Replies
Image A new mobile theme is now available for the forum! There is a link at the bottom of the page to switch between your existing theme and the mobile theme if you'd like to see it. Pop into this topic to let me know any requests you have about any changes you'd like to request. Enjoy!

SSX free for X-box Live gold suscribers Dec. 15-31

Dec 8, 2014 Posted By gondee at 5:30 PM 651 Views // 0 Replies
Image If through some tragedy you haven't played SSX (2012) yet, you can pick it up for free if you are subscribed to X-box Live Gold from December 15th - 31st, 2014. Whether you're starting the game new, or want to pick up an extra digital copy for some reason, be sure to jump on this opportunity!


Gravitude Awards 12 Voting Now Open!

Oct 28, 2014 Posted By gondee at 10:51 PM 774 Views // 0 Replies
Image The annual celebration of all that is Merqury City is now underway - and you must check it out if for nothing else than to see the AMAZING logo and art that Maverickeast has produced once again! That in itself is award-worthy!

The Grav Awards let you, our users, vote on a variety of categories to Grav MVP to Best Noob! And everyone who wins gets custom avatars and signatures! Click the link below and have your say on the best of Grav!

Gravitude Awards 12

New Wormholes Discovered for SSX Tricky

Jul 28, 2014 Posted By gondee at 7:27 PM 1461 Views // 1 Replies
Image SSX Tricky aficionado Jack discovered two new wormholes, both of which are the first to be found in almost 10 years! That in itself is amazing, but to follow that Jack used his new discoveries to set two new racing scoreboard records for Elysium Alps and Mesablanca, breaking records that were held for many years!

You can see the videos of both the wormholes and the race records after the jump!

More SSX Bounties Up For Grabs

Jun 17, 2014 Posted By gondee at 4:40 PM 1243 Views // 0 Replies
Image Xedec, holder of multiple SSX 2012 racing records, is sponsoring a bounty on his world records starting today, June 17. If you manage to topple any of his records (with video proof), you can earn a quick $20. With five of his records up for grabs, that's quite a payday if you're good.

See the topic for all the interesting details.

SSX Tricky Wormhole Guide by Jack

Jun 6, 2014 Posted By gondee at 5:04 PM 1366 Views // 1 Replies
Image Retro-SSX aficionado Jack has created a video detailing all the "wormholes" (holes in the track geometry that can warp you ahead in the track) in SSX Tricky. This is a great guide for those people who may be looking to take up SSX Tricky and make an impact on racing records. Give it a watch and leave some comments on the forum topic.