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Elysium Alps - 1:55.94 Elysium Alps - 1:55.94

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Mesablanca - 1:10:53 Mesablanca - 1:10:53

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Vapor Trail - 1:20.09 Vapor Trail - 1:20.09

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New Wormholes Discovered for SSX Tricky

Jul 28, 2014 Posted By gondee at 7:27 PM 525 Views // 1 Replies
Image SSX Tricky aficionado Jack discovered two new wormholes, both of which are the first to be found in almost 10 years! That in itself is amazing, but to follow that Jack used his new discoveries to set two new racing scoreboard records for Elysium Alps and Mesablanca, breaking records that were held for many years!

You can see the videos of both the wormholes and the race records after the jump!

More SSX Bounties Up For Grabs

Jun 17, 2014 Posted By gondee at 4:40 PM 446 Views // 0 Replies
Image Xedec, holder of multiple SSX 2012 racing records, is sponsoring a bounty on his world records starting today, June 17. If you manage to topple any of his records (with video proof), you can earn a quick $20. With five of his records up for grabs, that's quite a payday if you're good.

See the topic for all the interesting details.

SSX Tricky Wormhole Guide by Jack

Jun 6, 2014 Posted By gondee at 5:04 PM 603 Views // 1 Replies
Image Retro-SSX aficionado Jack has created a video detailing all the "wormholes" (holes in the track geometry that can warp you ahead in the track) in SSX Tricky. This is a great guide for those people who may be looking to take up SSX Tricky and make an impact on racing records. Give it a watch and leave some comments on the forum topic.

"Bringing SSX to Android" Presentation from GDC

May 29, 2014 Posted By gondee at 1:49 PM 579 Views // 1 Replies
Image Merq user CharmyDweeng attended the Game Developer Conference this year and was excited to watch a presentation detailing how SSX was brought to Android. He gave his report on the presentation here and also found a copy of the presentation slides created by Intel, which we've mirrored on our site to be sure everyone can enjoy it.

Check out the presentation PDF below and pop into the topic to give your impressions!

Bounty Contest - RadicalPlayer conquers Serenity

May 29, 2014 Posted By gondee at 1:20 PM 485 Views // 0 Replies
Image RadicalPlayer has set a world record for Serenity in the latest in the bounty contest sponsored by Opiate42. This was the longest standing record of the bounty and an amazing feat. You can read all about the happenings here.

SSX Competitor offers $1000 to beat his records

Mar 17, 2014 Posted By gondee at 7:00 PM 1200 Views // 0 Replies
Image Longtime SSX competitor OpIaTe24 is sick and tired of holding his wingsuit race records on Serenity and Code Blue and is offering an amazing bounty of $1000 to whoever can take the record.

View all the details here on this topic and be sure to read up on all the details as explained by scoreboard legend RadicalPlayer.

You can watch videos of the time's you'll be trying to conquer after the break.

Amazing Adam Warren SSX Sketches

Mar 17, 2014 Posted By gondee at 6:52 PM 692 Views // 0 Replies
Image Noted comic illustrator Adam Warren has been posting examples of several SSX character studies he did in 2009 for Electronic Arts during an 'in-development iteration' of SSX that never saw release. These pictures are truly amazing and we've gathered them all in our Fan Art Gallery so you can enjoy them.

Check out the discussion topic as well as the Fan Art Gallery section below.

Worst Character Ever, Round 1-8: Zoe vs Nate
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    August 2, 2014
  • Elysium Alps - 1:55.94 by Jack
  • Mesablanca - 1:10:53 by Jack
  • May 30, 2014
  • Vapor Trail - 1:20.09 by Morten
  • Off The Grid - 1:28.96 by Morten
  • Corkscrew - 1:57.56 by Morten
  • Diamondback - 1:06.26 by Morten
  • Kid's Corner - 0:31.33 by Morten
  • Bear Claw - 1:01.16 by Morten
  • Serenity - 1:46.76 by RadicalPlayer
  • March 8, 2014
  • Zombies with Jetpacks - 1:00.09 by RadicalPlayer
  • Death Zone - 2:38.93 by RadicalPlayer
  • February 1, 2014
  • Sentinel - 31.7 million by RadicalPlayer
  • Hush - 1:33.53 by RadicalPlayer
  • The Big Wachowski - 302.7 million by RadicalPlayer
  • The Dagger - 1:20.83 by Pamsy
  • The Big Wachowski - 2:56.97 by RadicalPlayer
  • Root Down - 0:54.49 by RadicalPlayer
  • Serenity - 257.2 million by RadicalPlayer
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